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Launch of the ESPON 2013 Synthesis Report


Launch of the ESPON 2013 Synthesis Report

The ESPON 2013 Synthesis Report presents the first results from the major Applied Research projects undertaken by ESPON so far. It also includes result from Targeted Analyses priority, which is specific research done at the request of a Member State or a group of regions or cities.

The ESPON programme addresses a wide variety of issues relevant for Cohesion Policy such as the functionality of major urban agglomerations, the diversity of development options for rural regions, demography and migratory flows or the territorial impacts of climate change.

This first synthesis report highlights the added-value the ESPON projects can have for policy development with regards to the aims of the European cohesion agenda and the development of the EU territory. It is available on the ESPON website. Click here to discover it.

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