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Project of the Week: Reempresa


Project of the Week: Reempresa

The 'Reempresa' project, launched in November 2010 in Catalunya (Spain), is a new model of entrepreneurship and business development.  It consists of purchasing or leasing the assets of an existing business in order to continue its operations and ensure its growth instead of creating a new company.

'Reempresa', which benefited from an EU investment of €850.000, is a professional tool used as an alternative to the long process of business creation. This is a method by which one or more "re-entrepreneurs" access the property of an existing business through a virtual platform, contributing with their ideas and motivation, but bypassing the stage of creating the company, which could entail lengthy procedures.

Reempresa's aim is to avoid the extinction of a large number of micro enterprises and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises which cannot continue their activity for various reasons. To achieve this goal, the "re-entrepreneurs" receive guidance from Reempresa to establish a roadmap to complete the transfer, thus promoting the creation of a standard that serves as a reference for all types of business transfers.


Around 95 000 micro enterprises and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) close every year in the region of Catalunya. This initiative will regenerate the business fabric of the region and will guarantee the continuity of the life cycle of business. This exemplary project may be transferred to other regions with high rate of business disappearance. It is expected that at least 15% will survive thanks to this innovative system in the coming years.


Moreover, this project will ensure the continuity of most of the jobs which probably would be destroyed should the company fail. In 2011, and thanks to Reempresa, 13 'SME's matches' took place and as a result around 145 jobs were preserved. In the first months of 2012, the number of 'SME's matches' is already higher than in the previous year. These figures indicate the success of this project.  


Mr. Antoni Gualda is one of the entrepreneurs who recently sold his company through Reempresa:

"I am very happy with Reempresa, because besides the economic value of the transfer of the company I am satisfied for having ensured the continuity of the business to which I have dedicated more than 20 years of my life".


More information on 'Reempresa':


-  ProjectReempresa

-  Cecot (Catalan Employers Association, co-initiator of the project)

CP'AC (Private Foundation Promoting self-employment in Catalunya, co-initiator of the project)

- Departamento de Economía i Coneixement (Intermediate body).

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