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European soil degradation is a concern


European soil degradation is a concern

European Commission reports emphasise the need to take measures to prevent the continuing degradation of European soils. Soil erosion, waterproofing (the overlay of fertile land by impermeable substances) and acidification are phenomena that have worsened over the last decade.

Within the framework of cohesion policy, approximately EUR 3.1 billion was allocated in 2007-2013 in order to rehabilitate industrial sites and contaminated land. Hungary, the Czech Republic and Germany are the countries that have in this connection been granted the most significant sums (EUR 475 million, EUR 371 million and EUR 332 million, respectively). It is envisaged that this type of support will be maintained in 2014-2020. Moreover, specific soil-protection measures (for example, for solid-waste management) have been integrated into the EU’s agenda for macro-regions.

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