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Measuring performance: country factsheets


Measuring performance: country factsheets

The European Commission is publishing country factsheets outlining the progress of individual Member States in meeting their agreed targets under the Europe 2020 Strategy. The factsheets give the state of play in various themes under the three headline targets of the Strategy: Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth. The factsheets will be an invaluable support in the negotiations on the next period of EU cohesion funding (2014-2020). They place each country in a European perspective by measuring performance and comparing to the EU average, as well as the best and the worst performers in theUnion.

Each fact sheet shows the country's national target, the EU target and the highest and lowest targets adopted by other countries. In addition, it measures how far that country is from the target it has set itself and compares this to the EU and the most and least ambitious country. 

These factsheets are based primarily on data from Eurostat, but also from the Joint Research Centre, the European Environmental Agency, the World Bank and other sources. The targets have been collected from official documents. In some cases, absolute targets have been translated into relative targets to allow for a cross country comparison.

Measuring performance: country factsheets

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