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OPEN DAYS 2011 opens EU Cohesion Policy to the World


OPEN DAYS 2011 opens EU Cohesion Policy to the World

EU Cohesion Policy is now widely recognised as a lever for stimulating global competitiveness across the EU at regional and local level, and is looked upon as a model worldwide for its principles of multilevel governance, long-term strategic vision ad local economic development.

Open Days 2011 draws on this by bringing together stakeholders from around the globe to discuss the future of the policy. Some 5,000 participants will share best practices in cohesion policy implementation and learn from each other, as well as from national and regional policy makers, practitioners and representatives of business, civil society and academia from the EU, Latin America, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Japan, China and Brazil. The 200+ participating EU regions will have the chance to hear from these third country experts, as well as from international organisations

Most of the participating countries have cooperation agreements with the EU on regional policy dialogue, drawing on the EU experience of fostering civil society participation and the bottom-up approach. OPEN DAYS 2011 will give these countries the chance to present their own experiences and discuss best practice in a global context.

Two new publications, highlighting the cooperation with Brazil and China on regional policy, have just been published:

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