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Europe 2020: what's happening on the ground?


Europe 2020: what's happening on the ground?

Is the EU's Europe 2020 strategy making a difference in your region?  The Committee of the Regions has launched a survey to look at:

  • The implementation of the Europe 2020 Flagship Initiatives
  • National Reform Programmes
  • Country Specific Recommendations
  • Involvement of local and regional partners (including through Territorial Pacts and other multilevel governance tools)

Responses to the survey must be submitted by 3 October 2011.

The survey will feed into the Committee of the Regions second Europe 2020 monitoring report, which will be published in December 2011 as a contribution to the European Commission's 2012 Annual Growth Survey, just before the 2012 Spring European Council gives political guidance for the 2nd European Semester.

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