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Europe in my Region: all the local latest news from across the EU


Europe in my Region: all the local latest news from across the EU

The Committee of the Regions (CoR) has expanded its communication efforts thanks to Europe in my Region: a new interactive platform voicing the news and activities from Europe's regions and cities. The launch of its new platform, Europe in my Region, is designed to share regional and local news on EU affairs, increasing the visibility of CoR members' activities and offering a space to keep readers up to speed with what is going on in Brussels and across Europe.

The fundamental aim of the CoR is to bring Europe closer to its citizens by being the voice of regions and cities in the European Union. With the help of its 353 members – locally elected politicians from all 28 Member States – the CoR strives to encourage cooperation at all levels of government and to increase citizen participation in EU affairs.

Europe in my Region does just that. Available in all EU languages, readers can browse the interactive map of Europe and read news, events, interviews and new initiatives taking place in their country and region. It offers a breadth of information including:

  • Latest news on local authorities and events
  • Interviews with members and politicians
  • The latest press releases and other articles
  • Photos and videos (downloadable for free)

Working with partners, across Europe

The platform is a tool to not only inform readers about the work of the CoR. Partnerships have been developed with European, local and regional associations and organisations, across the continent who take advantage of the platform by regularly contributing articles and news from their countries. Working in partnership is part of the CoRs' efforts to drive forward its decentralised communication strategy helping increase the visibility of the CoR, its members, their territories and also projects carried out with the help of Structural funds.

Thanks to these collaborative efforts, our partners regularly distribute content and monthly e-newsletters from the site.

Monthly e-newsletters: ten countries, 12 languages, 100.000 readers

Each month the CoR produces eNewsletters distributed to ten EU countries in their own languages: Belgium, France, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, and the United Kingdom,

They keep our readers up to date with all the main news taking place at the CoR and from Europe's cities and regions.

Become a partner!

Why not become a partner and help promote your city or region! Find out more by visiting the website and contacting

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