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100 EUrbansolutions for better cities


100 EUrbansolutions for better cities

More than two thirds of Europeans live in an urban environment. Towns are the pillars of our modern Europe, the places where solutions to a great many problems are found. In areas such as competitiveness, employment, education, social inclusion, transport, the environment and innovation the progress achieved in cities provide solutions to improve citizens' daily life.

From 7th-31st of October Place Jean Rey, Etterbeek, Brussels (on Rue Belliard, opposite Parc Léopold) hosts an exhibition called "100 EUrbansolutions for better cities", promoting dozens of projects in the towns and cities of the EU and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn will inaugurate the exhibition on Tuesday 8th October at 5.30 pm.

Towns have a crucial role to play in lifting Europe out of the crisis. However, as well as these positive attributes, they are also the places where unemployment, segregation and poverty are concentrated. Towns have to face various challenges, from providing adequate housing to mobility and environmental issues. The European Union (EU) supports projects that help to improve the living conditions in towns.

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