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Call for Papers : 'Contested Regions: Territorial Politics and Policy'


Call for Papers : 'Contested Regions: Territorial Politics and Policy'

The Regional Studies Association is currently looking for submissions of academic abstracts (circa 400 words) for its one-day winter conference, 'Contested Regions: Territorial Politics and Policy', on Friday 25th November 2011 in London. The conference will act as a forum for discussion and debate on recent developments and trends in the field and the key areas for further research. It will look at the emergence of territorial conflicts, contests and struggles around such notions as identity, sovereignty, borders legitimacy and democracy. Contributors will consider the newest forms of intra-regional disparities and dispute, deepened by the accelerating processes of global economic integration with geographical differentiation and rapid urbanisation. The challenges posed by such global trends will be analysed with the aid of international examples.

Submissions should focus primarily, though not exclusively on the following themes:

Remapping of regions and localities and the implications of this for multilevel governance, policy success or policy failure;

Global comparative perspectives on models of regional and metropolitan governance;

New sites and forms of regional conflict: inter-regional, intra- regional, and in-between regional;

The role of territorial politics in regional strategies for economic development and state redistribution;

Cooperation, disputes and political struggles around borders /boundaries/ sovereignty;

The politics of local and regional infrastructures; models and practices of decentralisation and the impacts of this on territorial justice

The deadline for submission of abstracts is Monday, 4th July 2011.

More information on the conference is available at the following web address :

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