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2007-2013 Closure Guidelines


2007-2013 Closure Guidelines

The Commission has adopted the 2007-2013 Closure Guidelines for cohesion policy programmes on 20 March 2013. It marks the end of a 14 month period of drafting and consultation and paves the way for the active preparation of programme closure for the current period.

The Guidelines provide a reference framework for the Member States in preparing for closure. They are available in all EU language versions.

The Guidelines take into account the lessons learnt from the 2000-2006 closure process and seek to address weaknesses and bottlenecks identified in the previous closure exercise.

The Guidelines were completed successfully in a relatively short time and well in advance of the closure process. They were broadly discussed with and further refined by Member State representatives in three COCOF meetings and have been widely accepted as a transparent basis for a successful closure process. During the COCOF consultation, around 400 questions from the Member States were handled. These will serve as a starting point for a Question and Answer document that should provide further technical details, as was the case in the last closure exercise.

The Commission is ready to take part in closure workshops organised by the Member States.

Adopted Guidelines on Closure 2007-2013

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