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How to effectively communicate EU Regional policy?


How to effectively communicate EU Regional policy?

This was one of the key questions addressed by the evaluation report on "Good practices in EU Regional policy communication 2007-2013 and beyond", commissioned by Directorate-General for Regional and Urban policy (DG REGIO) which has just been published. The first part of the study identified recommendable practices in the Member States, while the second part analysed DG REGIO's own communication activities. A sample of good communication practices from 8 Member States were already presented to the participants of the Telling the Story communication conference on 10 December 2013. The report includes food for thought for EU funds communicators in the 274 regions but also for DG REGIO. The full report, including its annexes, is available on Regionetwork, where you are invited to discuss and comment its findings.

Política regional de la UE: Manténgase informado