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Regional Studies Association: Call for Papers for Conferences 2013


Regional Studies Association: Call for Papers for Conferences 2013

The Regional Studies Association is looking for submissions of abstracts for two conferences that they are organising in the month of November 2013. 

The first conference "Looking Forward: the Future of Regional Studies" will take place on Friday 1 November 2013 at the Manchester University in Manchester, the United Kingdom. The conference targets in particular early career researchers to give them the opportunity to identify and discuss future lines of research and action for regional studies. Abstracts should cover one of the following areas of research: innovation and knowledge, financialisation and regional development, new challenges in urban planning, global production networks, evolutionary economic geography, foreign direct investment and regional development, climate change and sustainability, and urban and regional governance. 

The second conference "Mobilising Regions: Territorial Strategies for Growth" will be held on 22 November 2013 at the Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury in London, the United Kingdom. The conference will focus on how regions are being mobilised in support of or opposition to particular territorial development models and strategies. It will also establish the need and nature of future research imperatives and address the concerns and challenges confronting policymakers and practitioners. Contributions are invited to focus primarily on one of the following themes: new sites and forms of territorial cooperation, cooperation and resistance around particular territorial development strategies and models, empirical and conceptual understanding of how regions are mobilised, the (im)mobility of territorial development models and the role of leadership in mobilising regions.

The deadline for submission of abstracts for both events is 12 July 2013.

Call for Papers – "Looking Forward – the Future of Regional Studies", 1 November 2013

Call for Papers – "Mobilising Regions: Territorial Strategies for Growth", 22 November 2013

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