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What can RegioNetwork do for you?


What can RegioNetwork do for you?

Have you ever wished that there was a more efficient way of working with your partners than long meetings or endless email exchanges?  Could you do your job better if you were able to share experiences with people who face similar challenges?

RegioNetwork is an online community for professionals working on European Union regional and urban policy.  Participation is free and provides access to a wide range of features designed to support you in your work:

  • Use groups to collaborate and work towards specific objectives
  • Easily search and filter information and conversations that are relevant to you
  • Share your achievements and connect with other professionals who share similar interests
  • Test different opinions or options by organising a poll

Examples of professionals from the EU regional and urban policy community that are already using RegioNetwork include the communication officers from the Managing Authorites, as well as the evaluators who assess the impact of the operational programmes.

Go ahead and join RegioNetwork today!

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