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Regional Review Magazine – Special OPEN DAYS Edition


Regional Review Magazine – Special OPEN DAYS Edition

European Parliament Magazine's Regional Review, which is published to accompany OPEN DAYS 2013, includes many articles both from Commissioner Hahn and from colleagues in the European Commission's DG for Regional and Urban Policy. Commissioner Hahn uses his contribution in order to invite all regions and cities to use this year's event to "learn more about the priorities of the next phase of the structural and investment funds". He emphasises the special focus under the new regional policy on achieving value for money while allowing flexibility. The aim, he underlines, is to "ensure that the EU invests in key areas of growth to stay competitive in an ever more globalised economy". Committee of the Regions president, Ramón Luis Valcárcel Siso, writes that the debate surrounding the EU's funded growth strategies will "massively contribute to the public discussion related to the 2014 elections and the future of Europe". The chair of the European Parliament's Regional Development Committee, former regional policy Commissioner Danuta Hübner, calls for the EU's regions to "be placed at the heart of the industrial renaissance process". 


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