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Project of the Week: An innovation centre for a successful Andalusian lighting system company


Project of the Week: An innovation centre for a successful Andalusian lighting system company

The company Light Environment Control S.L. (LEC) is located in the town of Barbate, Andalusia, Spain. It was founded 2005 by Mr José Luis Garcia Moreno who started together with a first Research & Development  and Innovation team to investigate an alternative lighting system being more energy saving and environmentally friendly than the conventional one. In 2007, LEC became the first company in Europe to light an entire city with LED technology.

The most important investment done by LEC is the Research &Development and Innovation centre, which benefited from an EU co-financing of almost EUR 1.32 million. Thanks to its construction, the company is able to create and develop new projects. The whole production chain, starting with the research, design, development and manufacturing are done within the company. With the innovation centre, the company became a benchmark in the led sector and one of the leaders at national level, giving effective and tailor-made solutions to its clients.

LEC is located in one the most depressed areas of Spain with 40% of unemployment in 2012. Since LEC installed its new production centre for the design, research and manufacture of led-lighting systems, it has created 100 direct jobs and around 150 indirect jobs. It has also permitted to keep high skilled professionals from the region. 


Mr José Luis García Moreno, General Manager of LEC, states about the project:


"Thanks to the European Funds, we have designed this new production facility where we have installed all our equipment. Now, our strategic plan is to end up with the national market expansion and to start developing a new strategy to internationalize the company and bring our products to the whole world ".



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Managing authority: Spanish Ministry of Economy and Finance, Management of EU-funds



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