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DG REGIO supports Brazil regional policy


DG REGIO supports Brazil regional policy

Brazil is in the final phases in the development of a new federal regional policy. A period of consultation at national and sub-national level, on the lines of the EU's Cohesion Forum, culminated in a major event in Brasilia in March. DG REGIO has been closely associated throughout this process.

Brazil is entering the final phases in the development of a new federal regional policy. Over recent months there has been an intensive period of consultation at national and sub-national level, culminating in a major event in Brasilia from 19-22 March, on the lines of the EU's Cohesion Forum. DG REGIO has been closely associated throughout this process under the MoU signed in 2007, underpinned by resources from successive Pilot Projects and Preparatory Actions voted by the European Parliament over the period 2009-2013.

The contribution of the Brazilian Ministry of National Integration.

The First National Conference on Regional Development (NCRD) is a process of consultation in Brazil at national and sub-national level which has been taking place during 2012-2013 under the auspices of the Regional Development Secretariat (SDR) of the Ministry for National Integration (MI).

The main purpose of the NCRD process has been to promote a nationwide federative and social dialogue to develop a consensus on the principles and guidelines for the Brazil's new National Policy for Regional Development (NPRD). This process has involved some 443 delegates representing all 27 Brazilian States and the 5 macro-regions with participants from 4 main sectors: civil society; public authorities; the business sector; educational, research and extension institutions. Major themes of the discussions have been: governance, social participation and federate dialogue; financing regional development; regional inequalities and eligibility criteria; sustainable regional development vectors.

The NCRD culminated in a national event held in the federal capital, Brasília, on 19-22 March 2013 with some 4,000 participants. It took place within the framework of the Regional Development Week, with several parallel events: the "The Third Development Conference", sponsored by the Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA); the "International Seminar on Regional Policy in a Global Context: Current Situation and Perspectives"; the launch of the "OECD Territorial Report" (The territorial review of Brazil sponsored by DG REGIO); and the launch of the "Information System for Regional Development – the Regional Development Observatory", as well as a number of cultural activities.
The Regional Development Week was attended by Michel Temer, Vice-President of Brazil, which added weight to this historic occasion in Brazilian regional policy. The renowned and internationally-recognized Brazilian writer and poet, Ariano Suassuna, took part. In addition to many prominent national authorities and regional experts, the event attracted international representatives, including Ronald Hall of the European Commission (DG REGIO), the President of the Regional Studies Association, Sally Hardy, Latin American authorities, OECD, Eurosocial and ECLAC, as well as European experts who contributed to specific technical panels held on regional issues.

The NCRD process has resulted in 21 principles and 95 guidelines which are currently being analysed with a view to drafting the new proposal for NPRD. This should be ready within 6 months, to be subsequently forwarded to the ministries and federal level for validation, and transformed into a Bill to be submitted to the National Congress before the end of 2013. In the same period, efforts will be made to establish formally a set of targets involving other ministries in order to achieve greater coherence between the different sectors such as transport or agriculture and the NPRD. The creation of new sources of policy funding is also part of the preparation of the NPRD, with the notable participation in the process by the Ministry of Finance.
The contribution of DG REGIO has been crucial to the current stage attained by regional policies in Brazil. The cooperation between DG REGIO and MI, formalized in 2007, has set out several important initiatives – notably training courses, exchanges and studies – which have helped to strengthen the Brazilian mandate in the current process of review and restructuring of the NPRD.
- Ministry of National Integration, Brasilia, 11 April 2013

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