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Survey on Europe 2020 "Agenda for New Skills and Jobs" Flagship Initiative


Survey on Europe 2020

New Skills and Jobs Survey

The Europe 2020 "Agenda for New Skills and Jobs" aims to modernise labour markets, boost employment and ensure the sustainability of our social models. This means helping people to acquire the skills they will need to adapt to new labour market conditions and potential career shifts.

Over two years after its adoption, the Committee of the Regions (CoR) will take stock of progress with the Agenda for New Skills and Jobs in a conference to be held on 28 February and 1 March 2013 in Dublin. This conference will be the second of a series of CoR events and monitoring activities devoted to Europe 2020 flagship initiatives.

In order to monitor the implementation of flagship initiatives, the Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform is launching a survey of EU local and regional authorities. The outcome of this survey will be presented at the conference.  It will also feed into the 4th CoR Monitoring Report on Europe 2020, to be published in October 2013, and into the CoR contribution to the mid-term review of Europe 2020 in 2014.

To participate in the survey please download the questionnaire and return it by email to by 21 January 2013.


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