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Project of the Week: A high-tech and "green" building as meeting point for the village community of Dambel


Project of the Week: A high-tech and

Dambel is a small village with 453 inhabitants located in the north-west of Trentino, Italy.

In order to create a new multi-function space for its community and revitalise the community life in the village, the Municipality of Dambel resolved to renovate an old and wide public building while applying "green-building" technology.


The renovated public building, which benefited from EUR 625 000 EU financing, was inaugurated in July 2012. The main frames and structures of the renovated building are made of local wood. The green rooftop takes innovative solutions for a complete recovery of rain-waters. Water-recovery is used to irrigate the gardens around the building itself. The new building also uses advanced domotics system with renewable energy sources. For instance the heating is based on a biomass –boiler and performs better and more environmental-friendly than traditional oil-boilers.


The new energy saving building currently houses a store, a day nursery with almost 20 children, the Town Hall, the town clinic and a huge hall available for Municipality-Council and village community meetings which represents a wide public services offer for a village of this size. It is expected that in average around 7000 people from the village and it surroundings will be attending these new premises each year.


 Mr. Flavio Pedrotti, Major of Dambel, states about the project:


 "We had been claiming for financing in order to renovate a building where many offices and one day nursery were located. Thanks to financing from the EU, the old building could be totally renovated and became the most relevant meeting point for citizens in the village. Due to green technologies and systems adopted for the new building, it was awarded the green certification ARCA - Italian certification quality system for building using wood-. The new building offers multiple services for citizenship in one only site. It is extraordinary for a village of this size".

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