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Project of the Week: Mater Dei Hospital Oncology Centre to improve fight against cancer in Malta


Project of the Week: Mater Dei Hospital Oncology Centre to improve fight against cancer in Malta

The project 'Mater Dei Hospital Oncology Centre' in Msida, Malta, will be an extension of the public general Mater Dei hospital. This project is seen as crucial by the public health authorities since statistics show that the cancer survival rate is lower in Malta than in many other European states.

The 'Mater Dei Hospital Oncology Centre' aims directly to improve the population’s cancer survival rates. To this end, the focus of the new centre will be to provide medical care and support during the treatment phase of cancer with special efforts being dedicated to adolescents and patients requiring palliative care.

The project 'Mater Dei Hospital Oncology Centre' was approved as a 'major project' by the European Commission on 10 April 2012 and will be funded under the "Investing in Competitiveness for a Better Quality of Life" EU regional policy programme. The total costs for the project are around EUR 60 million, made up of EU and national contributions combined. The EU contribution amounts to EUR 41,5 million. The project is currently being implemented and should be finalized and operational by the end of 2013.

The 'Mater Dei Hospital Oncology Centre' will replace the existing Sir Paul Boffa Hospital and will be physically and organisationally inter-connected to the Mater Dei Hospital. It will accommodate 96 beds – 74 inpatient beds and 22 day-care beds – and will be divided in 4 functional areas:  inpatient areas, outpatient areas, treatment areas including radiotherapy treatment and anaesthesia procedure facilities, as well as spaces for clinical support services like Physiotherapy and Psychology and non-clinical support services.

The project also includes additional investments in environmentally-friendly technologies such as a fresh air ventilation system, photovoltaic panels on the roof as well as rain water collection and collection and the treatment of waste water in order to lower the dependence on fossil fuels and consequently, to achieve a substantial reduction in carbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere.

Brian St John, Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation for Medical Services and Project Leader for the 'Mater Dei Hospital Oncology Centre', says:

“The patient lies at the centre of everything we do and we will continue to pursue a holistic approach to the provision of cancer treatment propositions in Malta. We remain as committed as ever to bringing a range of benefits to our patients through this new major health infrastructure - a healthcare asset that shall be dedicated to advancing oncology treatment; education, and research. We will continue to work most diligently so that the investment being co-financed by the EU is sensibly realised to the benefit of our patients; and equally to the benefit of our medical professionals. Our medical professionals are exceptionally talented and I believe that this new facility will be a catalyst for the development and furtherance of new and improved methods of working.”

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