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In 2018, EU cohesion policy will celebrate its 30th anniversary. Cohesion policy has been accompanying the evolutions of the European Union: From the creation of the single market to the need to foster convergence to underpin the EMU, successive enlargements and most recently, the need to respond to the migration crisis. Also in the future, cohesion policy shall stay at the very core of the Union's development. It will enable the EU to harness globalisation, and to foster prosperous economies, caring societies and sustainable growth through innovation and skills.

30 years of EU cohesion policy

Europe in My Region/Regional Campains

40 regions of Europe are partnering up with us to run a series of regional campaigns with an ultra-local flavour, and with a smile!

Regional campaigns

Europe in My Region/Projects Open Days

Projects Open Days is a European Union-wide campaign encouraging citizens to discover European projects near them. It consists of four different initiatives which involve the public in visiting projects and sharing images and experiences via social media.

Europe in My Region/Projects Open Days

Road Trip Project

"The Road Trip Project": an initiative to engage with young audiences (18-24 years) through a series of road trip experiences on 4 European routes (Baltic, Danube, Mediterranean and Atlantic). During spring and summer 2018, participants (2 per route) will experience first-hand what the EU is about and what's in it for them, and they will share their adventures with their peers on social media. Local influencers will join them for short periods to introduce them to their favorite spots and people, while promoting the Road Trip towards their communities. Around 40 visits to inspiring EU co-funded projects are part of the journey. One key objective is to create and nurture an online community - a bottom-up communication channel in the hands of millennials around European topics reflecting their interests, concerns and expectations. Ultimately, the Road Trip Project will also result in a video documentary and an online European travel guide.

Local Debates

This series of events provides the opportunity for local actors of all levels, potential and actual beneficiaries and interested citizens to engage in a conversation about EU actions in their region. The discussions focus mainly on results, success stories, the impact of the projects but also on problems with implementation and shortfalls which can be amended in the new funding period from 2020. Dialogues are organised across Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden.