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Partecipa al concorso di blogging e vinci un corso di 3 settimane sulla comunicazione dell’UE a Bruxelles!

Scrivi e pubblica un post di blog riguardo a un qualsiasi progetto finanziato dall’UE

Inserisci il link su questa piattaforma entro le ore 23:59 del 31 agosto 2018.

I tre vincitori verrano invitati a partecipare a un programma su misura di formazione full-immersion di 3 settimane sulla comunicazione dell’UE. Sperimenteranno il lavoro di un dipartimento della comunicazione in un’istituzione dell’UE, in un’agenzia di comunicazione e in un organo di stampa che seguono la sfera di Bruxelles.

The first brainstorming of the European Atlantic

by Mari Trini Giner

The first brainstorming of the European Atlantic   The first European Conference on Youth Creat ...


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Youth exchange "If not you, then who?" - Lithuania

by Nina Anranter

From 18th until 25th of May we had the opportunity, thanks to our friends from the BetterMaking orga ...


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Our EVS adventure

by Hanna Prorok

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Our EVS adventure   Zagorje citizens are used to meeting us. We took over the city. One can hea ...


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Training course in Bella Italia

by Adrijana Kolar

Oh God I feel so bad that it took me so long to write about my journey to Italy. In this blog post I ...


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Mondo low cost

by Maria Alessandra Pallotta

For me, 2018 saw the start of my Erasmus Internship in Barcelona. Thanks to this opportunity offered ...


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by Fabrice Serodes

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FOODMET Blog revisiting the relatively little-known European Foodmet sustainable development project ...


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Budapest Bridges

by Diana Zsoldos

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  There is something enchanting in cities where a river runs through them. It detaches an ...


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Learning through storytelling

by Sharing Europe

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 “Promise me you’ll always remember: you’re braver than you believe, and stro ...


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Liège and Charleroi: fighting the same battle?

by Kathleen Wuyard

In the Belgian region of Wallonia, Liège and Charleroi have a tradition of local rivalry. Not ...


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I am travelling to Quai10 in Charleroi, where my expectations range between virtual reality and physical events.

by Alexander D. Ricci

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As part of a communication project created by Brussels communications agency, Old Continent, three b ...


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A little live-blogging trip to Charleroi: the tech

by John Worth

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Back almost five years ago I spent a week live blogging from Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise ship ...


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