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Annual RegioStars awards in the area information and publicity

Since 2009, the RegioStars award is awarded on an annual basis to the most innovative EU Regional policy projects in various categories, including information and publicity.

RegioStars 2013

The communication category of the 2013 edition of the RegioStars awards are "short videos". For further information and the timetable, consult the RegioStars 2013 page.

RegioStars 2012

In the communication category of the 2012 edition of the RegioStars awards, managing authorities were asked to submit applications in the area of online communication. The winner will be awarded. For details see RegioStars 2012.

RegioStars 2011

For the 2011 edition of the RegioStars awards, communication category, managing authorities were asked to submit a promotional photo of a co-funded project, together with a project description.

The winners were announced in the framework of the Regions for Economic Change conference, on 23 June 2011:
For more information go to the press release.

RegioStars 2010

The winner of the 2010 RegioStars awards in the communication category, websites, is from Lithuania:

For more information, including information about the five finalists, consult the RegioStars 2010 pages.

RegioStars 2009: best TV spots promoting the European Cohesion Policy.

In 2009, for the first time the RegioStars Award was awarded in the Information and Communication category, for best TV spot promoting the EU cohesion policy.

The five finalists were:

  • the Czech spot "The dog",
  • the Greek TV spots "Do you know about ESPA?",
  • the Hungarian campaign "It's good to be proud",
  • the Polish national NSRF image campaign, and
  • the Netherlands TV programme "The European Union and the province Zuid-Holland".

The prize was awarded to two Greek TV spots promoting the National Strategic Reference Framework: "Do you know about ESPA?"

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