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Guidance note on indicative contents and structure for the national strategic reports 2012

The legal provisions of Article 29 of the Regulation No 1083/2006 make it clear that the Member States shall define the content of these concise strategic reports (the proposed revision of Art 77 of Regulation EC 1083/2006 specify certain new reporting requirements see section 2.1.2).

The objective of this information note, in that context, is to encourage the National authorities to produce concise, strategic national reports that will report on the progress towards the objectives of the funds and the NSRFs and provide a useful strategic input to the preparation of the next round of programmes.


  • National Strategic Report 2012: Convergence Objective table  National Strategic Report 2012: Convergence Objective table (xls)
idiomas disponibles : English
Período :2007-2013
Fecha :19/01/2012

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