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Compulsory elements for inclusion on billboards (Programming period 2000-2006)

(Extract from the EC Regulation on information and publicity measures to be carried out by the Member States concerning assistance from the Structural Funds, February 2000)

"Billboards shall be erected on the sites of projects concerning part-financed investments in infrastructure whose cost exceeds EUR 3 million (or EUR 500 000 in the case of projects co-financed by the FIFG). Such billboards shall include a space reserved for the indication of the European Union's contribution.

Billboards must be of a size which is appropriate to the scale of the operation. The section of the billboard reserved for the Community contribution must meet the following criteria:

  • it shall take up at least 25 % of the total area of the billboard;
  • it shall bear the standardised European emblem and the following text, to be presented as below:

  • the emblem shall be presented in accordance with the rules in force;
  • the letters used to mention the financial contribution of the European Union must be at least the same size as the letters for the national announcement although the typeface may be different;
  • the Fund(s) concerned may be mentioned if appropriate.
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