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Legal texts

Guidance on European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020


  • Draft template and guidelines on the content of the Partnership Agreement en pdf
  • Draft Guidelines for the Content of the Operational Programme en pdf
  • Draft Guidelines for the Content of the Cooperation Programme en pdf
  • Arrangements on Territorial Development en pdf
  • Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) en pdf
  • Programming of Technical Assistance at the Initiative of the Member States en pdf

Ex Ante Conditionality

  • Guidance on Ex Ante Conditionalities for the European Structural and Investment Funds:
    • Part I en pdf
    • Part II en pdf
  • Questions & Answers on Ex-ante Conditionalities:
    • Research and Innovation (thematic EAC 1.1 & 1.2) en pdf
    • Information and Communication Technologies (thematic EAC 2.1 & 2.2) en pdf
    • Small and Medium Enterprises (thematic EAC 3) en pdf
    • Energy (thematic EAC 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 & 7.4) en pdf
    • Sustainable Development (thematic EAC 5,6.1 & 6.2 and general EAC 6) en pdf
    • Transport (thematic EAC 7.1, 7.2 & 7.3) en pdf
    • Thematic ex-ante conditionalities 8 to 11 and general ex-ante conditionalities 1 to 3 en pdf
    • Public Procurement and State Aid (general EAC 4 & 5) en pdf
    • Statistical Systems and Result Indicators (general EAC 7) en pdf

Community-led Local Development

  • Guidance on Community-led Local development in European Structural and Investment Funds en pdf
  • Guidance on Community-Led Local development for Local Actors en pdf

Financial Instruments

  • Financial Instruments in ESIF Programmes 2014-2020 en pdf
  • Ex-ante assessment methodology for financial instruments in the 2014-2020 programming period
    • General methodology covering all thematic objectives - Quick reference guide en pdf
    • General methodology covering all thematic objectives - Volume I en pdf
    • Strengthening research, technological development and innovation (Thematic objective 1) - Volume II en pdf
    • Enhancing the competitiveness of SME, including agriculture, microcredit and fisheries (Thematic objective 3) - Volume III en pdf
    • Supporting the shift towards low-carbon economy (Thematic objective 4) - Volume IV en pdf
    • Financial instruments for urban and territorial development - Volume V en pdf
    • Ex-ante assessment methodologies for FIs – Training for Managing authorities – June 2014 en pdf

Management and Control

  • Fraud Risk Assessment and Effective and Proportionate Anti-Fraud Measures en pdf
    • Annex 1: Assessment of exposure to specific fraud risks - selection of applicants by Managing Authorities en xls - How to use the tool en pdf
    • Annex 2: Recommended mitigating controls en pdf
    • Annex 3: Anti-Fraud Policy template en pdf
    • Annex 4: Verification of the Managing Authority’s compliance with article 125.4 c) regarding Fraud risk assessment and effective and proportionate anti-fraud measures for 2014-2020 en pdf

Thematic Objective 1 - Research and Innovation

  • Research and Innovation en pdf

Thematic Objective 2 - ICT

  • Digital Growth en pdf
  • High-speed Broadband Roll-out en pdf

Thematic Objective 3 - SME competitiveness

  • Competitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) en pdf

Thematic Objective 4 - Low Carbon Economy

  • Sustainable Multimodal Urban Mobility en pdf
  • Energy Efficiency Investments en pdf
  • Renewable Energy and Smart Grids Investments en pdf

Thematic Objective 5 - Adaptation and Risk Management

  • Climate Change Adaptation, Risk Prevention and Management en pdf

Thematic Objective 6 - Environment and Resource Efficiency

  • Biodiversity, Green Infrastructure, Ecosystem Services and Natura 2000 en pdf
  • Water Management en pdf
  • Waste Management en pdf

Thematic Objective 7 - Sustainable transport and network bottlenecks

  • Transport en pdf

Thematic Objective 8 - Employment and Labour Mobility

  • Employment and Labour Mobility en pdf

Thematic Objective 9 - Social Inclusion and Poverty

  • Social Inclusionen pdf
  • Social Economy and Social Enterprisesen pdf
  • Transition from Institutional to Community-based care (De-Institutionalisation - DI)en pdf
  • Health en pdf
  • Roma and Marginalised Communities en pdf

Thematic Objective 10 - Education

  • Early Childhood Education and Careen pdf
  • Early School Leaving (ESL)en pdf
  • VET and Adult Learningen pdf
  • Higher educationen pdf

Thematic Objective 11 - Institutional Capacity

  • Institutional Capacity Buildingen pdf
  • Specific Investment Priorities for ETC (Thematic Objective 11) en pdf

Cross-cutting thematic guidance

  • Tourism en pdf
  • Support to Culture and Sport related Investments en pdf
  • Synergies between ESIF, Horizon 2020 + other EU smart growth programmes en pdf

See preparatory documents discussed in the framework of expert meetings.

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