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Regional Focus & Working papers

Regional Focus

The Regional Focus is a series of relatively short papers on a specific theme prepared by the Directorate General for Regional Policy.

n° 01/2013 : Measuring accessibility to passenger flights in Europe: Towards harmonised indicators at the regional level en pdf

n° 02/2012 : What are counterfactual impact evaluations teaching us about enterprise and innovation support? en pdf

n° 01/2012 : Cities in Europe - The new OECD-EC definition
This regional focus explains the new OECD-EC definition of a city and its commuting zone. It is the first internationally harmonised definition for which data will be collected in so many countries. The revised Urban Audit has taken this new definition on board and will publish data for all these cities in 2013. en pdf

n° 03/2011 : The financial execution of Structural Funds en pdf

n° 02/2011 : The European regional Human Development and Human Poverty Indices en pdf

n° 01/2011 : Regional typologies: a compilation - 1. Urban-rural typology including remoteness - 2. Metro regions - 3. Border regions - 4. Mountain regions - 5. Island regions - 6. Sparsely-populated regions en pdf

n° 03/2010 : The Regional Lisbon Index en pdf

n° 02/2010 : Regional Innovation Governance en pdf

n° 01/2010 : Does population decline lead to economic decline in EU rural regions? en pdf

n° 02/2009 : Public investment in Spain en es pdf

n° 01/2009 : Metropolitan regions in the EU en pdf

n° 02/2008 : Labour mobility between the regions of the EU-27 and a comparison with the USA en pdf

n° 01/2008 : Remote Rural Regions - How proximity to a city influences the performance of rural regions en pdf - Urban/Rural classification of NUTS3 regions en Excel

Working papers

A series of short papers on regional research and indicators produced by the Directorate-General for Regional Policy

n°02/2014 : Regionalisation of SAMs and Trade Flows in the RHOMOLO model en pdf

n°01/2014 : A harmonised definition of cities and rural areas: the new degree of urbanisation en pdf

n°01/2013 : RHOMOLO: A Dynamic Spatial General Equilibrium Model for Assessing the Impact of Cohesion Policy en pdf

n°02/2012 : The Role of International Transfers in Public Investment in CESEE: The European Commission's experience with Structural Funds en pdf

n°01/2012 : Regional Governance Matters : A Study on Regional Variation in Quality of Government within the EU en pdf

n°02/2011 : A New Regional Competitiveness Index: Theory, Methods and Findings en pdf - Maps : Basic Pillars en pdf - Efficiency Pillars en pdf - Innovation Pillars en pdf - Annex : Regional Competitiveness Index Data en xls - Regional Competitiveness Indicators en xls

n°01/2011 : Estimating the capital stock for the NUTS 2 regions of the EU-27 en pdf

n°03/2010 : Patterns and trends of public investment in the new Member States of the European Union en pdf

n°02/2010 : Modelling the Policy Instruments of the EU Cohesion Policy en pdf

n° 01/2010 : The economy of the Italian regions: recent developments and responses to the economic crisis en it pdf

n° 03/2009 : The Future of Cohesion Policy in Richer Regions en pdf

n° 02/2009 : Territories with specific geographical features en pdf

n° 01/2009 : A Cross-Country Impact Assessment of EU Cohesion Policy - Applying the Cohesion System of HERMIN Models en pdf

n° 01/2008 : Convergence of EU regions - Measures and evolution en pdf

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