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Legislation 2007-2013

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Given the scale of the Cohesion policy budget (347 billion Euro in the period 2007-2013) it is of great importance to make potential beneficiaries aware about existing funding opportunities and to make the results of these investments known to the citizens. Moreover, public funds have to be managed in the most transparent way in order to be open for public scrutiny. Therefore Member States have to inform about available investment opportunities and programmes, and to publish information about projects and beneficiaries.

The information and publicity rules for the European Union's Cohesion policy are defined in the following documents:

Article 69 of the Council Regulation No 1083/2006 of 11 July 2006 pdf requires Member States and Managing authorities responsible for operational programmes to provide information on co-financed programmes and projects. This obligation covers the three Structural Funds: the European Regional Development Fund, the Cohesion Fund and the European Social Fund.

The main provisions of Commission Regulation 1828/2006 pdf in short:

The managing authority is responsible for:

  • The adoption and implementation of a communication plan for every operational programme;
  • The publication of the list of project beneficiaries, to be updated at least annually;
  • Carrying out one major annual information activity;

Project beneficiaries have to

  • Set up billboards and permanent plaques on infrastructure project sites with a public contribution above 500,000 Euro. These have to include the emblem of the EU, a reference to the European Union and the fund concerned. Any document concerning a project has to acknowledge the EU support received.

It is the responsibility of the Managing Authority of a given programme to ensure that beneficiairies are aware of their responsibilities and to monitor compliance with these rules.

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