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  • Breathing new life into Nowy Port in Gdansk, Poland


    The borough of Nowy Port in Gdansk is set to receive a new lease of life thanks to an ERDF-funded project which will revitalise local areas and community facilities. The ERDF-funded project will carry out a number of redevelopment activities across the region including, in particular, Nawodny...

    Bulgarian town of Petrich to benefit from new park plans


    An ERDF-funded project will oversee the development of a new park in Petrich designed to accommodate a range of cultural, recreational and sports activities. The project will fund the development of green areas, children’s playgrounds, sports grounds and more in the town’s new park which...

    Historical building to become ‘House of Museums’ in Iași, Romania


    An ERDF-funded project in north-east Romania is funding the renovation of a building which already boasts a rich history, having been central to the city for almost 100 years. The century-old building in Iași, Romania has seen a number of uses over the years. Originally, it was home to the editorial...

    Urban Innovative Actions applicant seminars


    Urban Innovative Actions will hold an Applicant Seminar in Munich on 21 November 2018 and in Brussels on 28 November 2018. The fourth Call for Proposals was launched on 15 October 2018 and is dedicated to four topics: Digital transition, Sustainable use of land and nature-based solutions, Urban...

    Panorama 66 - Building city-to-city relationships for a more sustainable future


    Ronald Hall, Senior External Expert and former Principal Advisor to DG REGIO, gives his personal perspective on the EU’s International Urban Cooperation programme. More than half of the world’s population now lives in cities. Urban centres are the source of growth and development. As...

    More environmentally friendly district heating in Ilmenau, Germany


    The aim of an ERDF-funded project in Ilmenau, Germany is to optimise the city’s heating network by minimising heating loss during transport by moving pipes underground. The project is building upon Ilmenau’s integrated municipal strategy and climate protection plans. In 2013, the city...

    Slovakia: less traffic congestion and better connectivity with neighbouring countries thanks to EU investments


    Over €380 million from the Cohesion Fund is invested in two transport projects in Slovakia, aiming to upgrade the motorway network. EU-funded works will provide solutions to congestion problems and improve road connections in the north-west and north-east parts of the country. Commissioner for...

    Commission grants 22 cities with funding for innovative projects; launches new call for projects for security in public urban spaces


    The Commission has announced the winning cities of the 3rd call for projects under the Urban Innovative Actions. €92 million from the European Regional Development Fund will finance innovative solutions to urban challenges such as air quality, climate change, housing, and jobs and skills for...

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