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Cohesion policy: Strategic report 2012-2013 on the implementation of the current round of programmes 2007-2013


  • What outputs and results are Member States and the regions delivering under the agreed objectives, including high level EU objectives?
  • How is cohesion policy contributing to reducing economic and social disparities across Europe while contributing to Europe 2020?
  • What has been the impact of the economic crisis on implementation and how are the programmes responding?
  • Are there difference in delivery across the different themes and how do the Member States perform against the EU average?


26/02/2014 NEW: : In response to the call to hold a high level EU debate on the implementation of cohesion policy programmes 2007-2013 the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the Commission's 2013 "Strategic report". The resolution also reflects the Parliaments views on the the 7th and 8th progress reports on economic, social and territorial cohesion. Full Text of the Resolution.

24/04/2013 : At the Committee on the Coordination of the Funds Austria presented its strategic report ppt. This was followed by a presentation of the Commission Synthesis report on the programme 2007-2013 ppt.

18/04/2013: EU Cohesion Policy is helping to weather the crisis and produce growth, says Commission 2013 Strategic Report

25/03/2013: At the Committee on the Coordination of the Funds on 20 March three more Member states presented their 2012 Strategic reports on the programme 2007-2013 – they were Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Estonia.

28/02/2013: The Polish and the Portuguese representatives presented their respective national strategic reports 2012 to the Member States expert committee on the Structural funds (COCOF) in Bruxelles.

15/2/2013: The Commission has published the 2012 Expert Evaluation Network 'synthesis' and 'national policy paper' reports reviewing the material available in the different member states on implementation of the 2007-2013 programmes. The complementary thematic report for 2012 is on financial engineering. All are available here: Expert Evaluation Network - Analysis on the Cohesion Policy Performance

06/12/2012 : Poland is the first Member States to officially submit its National Strategic report on the progress in implementing its cohesion policy programmes and towards its objectives.

31/12/2012: Deadline for submission of the member States national reports

16/1/2012: The European Commission issued guidance on the 2012-2013 reporting exercise following discussions in the Committee on the Coordination of the Funds (COCOF):


The requirement for "strategic reports" on the implementation of cohesion policy and its results and impacts was introduced for the first time in the period 2007-2013. The purpose of these reports is to increase transparency and accountability on national implementation progress and to promote discussion of the policy, particularly amongst the EU institutions. The reports are therefore an important tool to monitor the delivery of the agreed objectives during the current programming period.

Based on 27 reports provided by the Member States, the Commission Strategic report 2010 presented for the first time a complete overview of progress in implementing the policy while drawing some conclusion and recommendations. The 2012-2013 exercise is planned to bring further evidence of the performance of the policy in terms of outputs and result indicators.

Commission Strategic Report 2013

  • Press Release: EU Cohesion Policy is helping to weather the crisis and produce growth, says Commission 2013 Strategic Report
  • Report
    • Report from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions: Cohesion policy: Strategic report 2013 on programme implementation 2007-2013 - COM (2013) 210 PDF BG CS DA DE EL EN FR MT NL PL
    • Commission Staff working document SEC(2013) 129 PDF EN
      • Annex - Excel version of statistical tables to Staff Working document XLS EN
  • Thematic Factsheets
    • Innovation and RTD PDF EN
    • Information and Communication Technologies PDF EN
    • Other SME and business support PDF EN
    • Energy PDF EN
    • Environment PDF EN
    • Urban and territorial development PDF EN
    • Rail PDF EN
    • Road PDF EN
    • Other transport PDF EN
    • Labour market PDF EN
    • Social inclusion and social infrastructure PDF EN
    • Human capital PDF EN
    • Institutional capacity building PDF EN
  • Other supporting statistics
    • Excel tables showing project selection by Objectives and Member State XLS EN
    • Excel tables on Lisbon earmarking XLS EN

Member States Strategic Report 2012

Below you will find links to the national reports that have been published by the Member States as they are made available.

Austria Austria PDF

Belgium Belgium ZIP

Bulgaria Bulgaria ZIP

Cyprus Cyprus ZIP

Czech Republic Czech Republic ZIP

Danemark Danemark ZIP

Estonia Estonia PDF

Finland Finland PDF

France France PDF

Germany Germany ZIP

Greece Greece ZIP

Hungary Hungary PDF

Ireland Ireland PDF

Italy Italy PDF

Latvia Latvia ZIP

Lithuania Lithuania ZIP

Luxembourg Luxembourg ZIP

Malta Malta ZIP

Nederland Nederland PDF

Poland Poland ZIP

Portugal Portugal PDF

Romania Romania PDF

Slovakia Slovakia ZIP

Slovakia Slovenia PDF

Spain Spain PDF

Sweden Sweden ZIP

United Kingdom United Kingdom ZIP

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