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Accession partnership

An accession partnership is an agreement between the Council of Ministers of the European Union and a candidate country. It identifies key priority areas in which progress must be made in order for the candidate country to adapt to EU legislation. It also coordinates the aid provided by the European Union to that country. Financial assistance is conditional upon the candidate country making sufficient progress in the identified priority areas.

The candidate country draws up a National Programme for the Adoption of the Acquis (NPAA). This estimates the timetable and the human and financial resources required to achieve progress in the priority areas.

The accession partnership is revised regularly on the basis of annual progress reports, thus identifying those priorities requiring further progress and those which have been satisfactorily addressed.

For more details

Accession Partnership with Croatia - Council Decision 2008/119/EC 73 KB]

Accession Partnership with Turkey - Council Decision 2008/157/EC 90 KB]

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