RegioStars Awards 2018

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Finalist: ReproUnion

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Rank # 21

Infertility, recognised by WHO as a disease, is experienced by 15-20% of all couples thus being as common as diabetes. The fertility rates are decreasing and infertility represents a huge medical and social problem needing new strategies for prevention and more efficient treatments. Leading research and clinical units have joined forces in the unique Danish-Swedish research and innovation triple-helix consortium ReproUnion to meet future demands of managing and preventing infertility problems.

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Official title: To become the world leader in overcoming infertility
Region: Öresund - Kattegat - Skagerrak regions
Member State: Denmark, Sweden
EU funds amount: EUR 7 690 000.00
Timespan: 12/2015 – 11/2018
Organisation: Lund University
Category: Creating better access to public services
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