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TAIEX REGIO PEER 2 PEER is designed to share expertise between bodies that manage funding under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Cohesion Fund. It helps public officials involved in the management of these funds to exchange knowledge, good practice and practical solutions to concrete problem thus improving their administrative capacity and ensuring better results for the EU investments.


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What exchanges are supported?


Expert MissionsExpert Missions: EU Member State experts can be sent to institutions in other Member States that have requested peer advice and exchange of experience on a specific topic. Expert missions can last between 2 to 5 days.

Study VisitsStudy Visits: employees (maximum 3) from a requesting institution can be sent on a working visit to other EU Member State institutions to learn from peers and exchange good practices. Study visits can last between 2 to 5 days.

WorkshopsWorkshops: single or multi-country workshops can be organised in a requesting institution. Workshops would normally last 2 days.

Who can participate?

Public institutions involved in the management of the ERDF or Cohesion Fund can request support:

  • Managing authorities
  • Intermediate bodies
  • Coordinating authorities
  • Audit authorities
  • Certifying authorities
  • Joint secretariats for European territorial cooperation programmes
  • Other bodies (where justified)



Results 54 event(s) found on TAIEX Library.

     Date               City                    Country            Title                                                               
27/07/ 2016Wołów, WrocławPolandINT MARKT IND/STUD 62077TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on flood risk management
18/07/ 2016La ValettaMaltaINT MARKT IND/STUD 61997TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Good Practices in Ensuring Efficient Control of Innovation Projects under the ERDF-Supported Programmes
13/07/ 2016SofiaBulgariaINT MARKT IND/STUD 62170TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Deinstitutionalisation
12/07/ 2016SevilleSpainINT MARKT IND/STUD 61860TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on State Aid for Universities and Research Organisations
11/07/ 2016LilleFranceINT MARKT IND/STUD 62253TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Integrated Territorial Investments
21/06/ 2016IasiRomaniaINT MARKT 62135TAIEX-REGIO Workshop on Research and Innovation Strategies of Smart Specialisation
15/06/ 2016GdanskPolandINT MARKT IND/STUD 60575TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Management and Control Systems for the Implementation of European Structural and Investment Funds
09/06/ 2016BorasSwedenINT MARKT IND/STUD 61862TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Accessibility and Non-Discrimination Projects in Urban Areas
08/06/ 2016BucharestRomaniaINT MARKT 62167TAIEX-REGIO Workshop on Technology Transfer and Smart Specialisation
03/06/ 2016BrusselsBelgiumINT MARKT 62331TAIEX-REGIO Multi-Country Workshop on Evaluation of TAIEX REGIO PEER 2 PEER
31/05/ 2016RigaLatviaINT MARKT 61901TAIEX-REGIO Workshop on Anti-Fraud Measures in the Management of EU Funds
31/05/ 2016BucharestRomaniaINT MARKT IND/STUD 61684TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Development of an Evaluation Plan for the European Structural and Investment Funds
30/05/ 2016GroningenThe NetherlandsINT MARKT IND/STUD 61859TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Smart Specialisation - Identification of Priorities and Implementation Process
19/05/ 2016BratislavaSlovak RepublicINT MARKT 61630TAIEX-REGIO Workshop on Applying the Partnership Principle in the European Structural and Investment Funds
12/05/ 2016VilniusLithuaniaINT MARKT IND/EXP 61992TAIEX-REGIO Expert Mission on Synergies between European Territorial Cooperation and Investments for Growth and Job
11/05/ 2016IasiRomaniaINT MARKT IND/STUD 61991TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Investments in Higher Education Infrastructure
14/04/ 2016SofiaBulgariaINT MARKT IND/EXP 60262TAIEX-REGIO Expert Mission on the Use of Simplified Cost Options for European Structural and Investment Funds Programmes
12/04/ 2016RomaItalyINT MARKT IND/STUD 60702TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Investigating Fraud Affecting the Cohesion Fund and the European Regional Development Fund
12/04/ 2016BucharestRomaniaINT MARKT IND/EXP 61117TAIEX-REGIO Expert Mission on Public Procurement in the Implementation of European Structural and Investment funds
06/04/ 2016HannoverGermanyINT MARKT IND/STUD 60104TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on the Establishment of an Urban Development Implementation System
30/03/ 2016WarsawPolandINT MARKT IND/STUD 60371TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Technical Assistance Operational Programme implementation
22/03/ 2016Piatra-Neamt, IasiRomaniaINT MARKT IND/EXP 61665TAIEX-REGIO Expert Mission on Smart Specialisation
15/03/ 2016TalinnEstoniaINT MARKT IND/STUD 61231TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on State Aid Rules in the Implementation of the European Structural and Investment Funds
14/03/ 2016TallinnEstoniaINT MARKT IND/STUD 60811TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Public Procurement Control and System Level Verification
08/03/ 2016PragueCzech RepublicINT MARKT 60381TAIEX-REGIO Workshop on Financial Monitoring and Indicators in the 2014-2020 Programming Period
08/03/ 2016RIGALatviaINT MARKT IND/EXP 61112TAIEX-REGIO Expert Mission on State Aid Auditing
08/03/ 2016GroningenThe NetherlandsINT MARKT IND/EXP 61666TAIEX-REGIO Expert Mission on Smart Specialisation
25/02/ 2016PragueCzech RepublicINT MARKT IND/EXP 60314TAIEX-REGIO Expert Mission on the Implementation of E-Cohesion Policy in the Programming Period 2014-2020
15/02/ 2016BucharestRomaniaINT MARKT IND/STUD 60812TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on on-the-spot checks of projects financed by EU funds
08/02/ 2016ZagrebCroatiaINT MARKT IND/EXP 60709TAIEX-REGIO Expert Mission on 2007-2013 Programme Closure
08/02/ 2016RigaLatviaINT MARKT IND/EXP 61110TAIEX-REGIO Expert Mission on Sampling Methods and Treatment of Errors
03/02/ 2016Prague, Pardubice Czech RepublicINT MARKT IND/STUD 60260TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on the Implementation of Instruments for Integrated Approach
25/01/ 2016 Rotterdam, AmsterdamThe NetherlandsINT MARKT IND/STUD 60935TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Criteria for the selection of projects for urban development
18/01/ 2016ZagrebCroatiaINT MARKT 60810TAIEX-REGIO Workshop on Verification of Public Procurement Procedures and Management of Irregularities
12/01/ 2016RigaLatviaINT MARKT IND/STUD 60259TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on State Aid Monitoring, Control and Assessment
09/12/ 2015SofiaBulgariaINT MARKT 60258TAIEX-REGIO Workshop on Public Procurement and Applicable Rules
08/12/ 2015VilniusLithuaniaINT MARKT 60573TAIEX-REGIO Multi-Country Workshop on Management Practices for Environmental Investments
24/11/ 2015SofiaBulgariaINT MARKT IND/EXP 60256TAIEX-REGIO Expert Mission on Management and Implementation of European Structural and Investment Funds through Financial Instruments
17/11/ 2015SevilleSpainINT MARKT IND/EXP 60529TAIEX-REGIO Expert Mission on audit of Financial Instrument for Micro to Medium Enterprises
11/11/ 2015BratislavaSlovak RepublicINT MARKT IND/STUD 60397TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Financial Instruments for Public Infrastructure Investments
03/11/ 2015PragueCzech RepublicINT MARKT IND/EXP 60171TAIEX-REGIO Expert mission on employee motivation and stabilisation within the European Structural Fund implementation structure
28/10/ 2015MadridSpainINT MARKT IND/STUD 60255TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Management and Implementation of European Structural Investment Funds through Financial instruments
27/10/ 2015Piatra NeamtRomaniaINT MARKT IND/STUD 60311TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Smart Specialisation
19/10/ 2015PragueCzech RepublicINT MARKT 60220TAIEX REGIO Workshop on Financial Instruments under the European Regional Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund
15/10/ 2015BerlinGermanyINT MARKT IND/STUD 60385TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Development and Promotion of the Energy Service Company Model
12/10/ 2015VilniusLithuaniaINT MARKT IND/STUD 60623TAIEX REGIO Study Visit on Energy Service Company Facility Projects in the Public Sector (ESCO)
30/09/2015BratislavaSlovak RepublicINT MARKT IND/EXP 60069TAIEX-REGIO Expert Mission on selected topics in the area of Public Procurement
29/09/2015GroningenThe NetherlandsINT MARKT IND/STUD 60312TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Smart Specialisation
24/09/2015AthenesGreeceINT MARKT IND/STUD 60398TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Financial Instruments under the European Regional Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund
15/09/2015ManchesterUnited KingdomINT MARKT IND/STUD 59650TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on Exchanging Experience on Urban Policy, Financial Instruments and Integrated Projects
08/09/2015ParisFranceINT MARKT IND/EXP 59694TAIEX REGIO Expert Mission on Financial Instruments Implementation
20/07/ 2015MadridSpainINT MARKT IND/STUD 56274TAIEX-REGIO Study Visit on System Level Verification
30/06/ 2015SofiaBulgariaINT MARKT 59517TAIEX-REGIO Workshop on Successful Models for Management and Control of Financial Instruments
08/06/ 2015ZagrebCroatiaINT MARKT IND/EXP 56275TAIEX-REGIO Expert Mission on State Aid Rules in the Transport Sector
Find information on TAIEX REGIO PEER 2 PEER events: TAIEX Library. Information provided includes the agendas and expert presentations.