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Write and publish a blog post about any EU-funded project.

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The three winners will be invited to join a 3-week tailor-made full immersion training programme on EU communications. They will experience the work of a communication department in an EU institution, in a communication agency and in a media outlet covering the Brussels sphere.

Liège and Charleroi: fighting the same battle?

by Kathleen Wuyard

In the Belgian region of Wallonia, Liège and Charleroi have a tradition of local rivalry. Not ...


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I am travelling to Quai10 in Charleroi, where my expectations range between virtual reality and physical events.

by Alexander D. Ricci

As part of a communication project created by Brussels communications agency, Old Continent, three b ...


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A little live-blogging trip to Charleroi: the tech

by John Worth

Current rating: 3.0

Back almost five years ago I spent a week live blogging from Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise ship ...


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