Developing novel materials for innovative tech

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This ERDF-funded project in Germany is financing the development of particularly strong and extremely light novel materials for innovative applications across a range of sectors.

Together with the German federal government, the ERDF is supporting the country’s Thermoplastic Composites Technology Centre with EUR 10 million to develop new, innovative and improved materials. The funding will be invested in new production facilities and laboratories at the Institute for Composite Materials in Kaiserslautern.

It is hoped that these materials will attract the attention of the aerospace, automotive, energy and medical industries. They offer considerable advantages over the conventional, fibre-reinforced composite materials which are mainly used today. For example, in the transport sector, the advanced crash properties of the innovative materials could be used to improve vehicle safety.

The project aims to apply the novel materials in various technologies designed to save energy, reduce the weight of machinery, and cut CO2 emissions, among others. Furthermore, the funding should also contribute to the cost-effectiveness and adaptability of the materials.

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Source article on 18/01/18 

Photo: © Valentsova Tatiana