Interreg celebrates 25 years : an online survey to take stock and help shaping its future

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2015 marks the 25 years of Interreg as an important cornerstone of European cohesion policy.

To celebrate this important anniversary, the Interreg community is gathering in Belval, Luxembourg on 15-16 September 2015 for a two days conference: the first part being the annual event, the second part the proper 25 years conference, during which the implementation issues deemed most crucial by the programmes will be discussed.

It is then time to take stock of past experiences, to reflect on the meaning of European Territorial Cooperation and to look ahead. DG REGIO wants implementers on the ground to feed this debate already in the weeks approaching the event: what they see as success story, what can be improved, where EU should be heading to in terms of Cohesion Policy.

For this reason, DG REGIO decided to launch an online survey open to all, conference participants as well as 'Interreg-driven' citizens willing to contribute to the debate but unable to join the conference.

The survey is consisting of five simple open questions and will serve as a tool to stimulate discussion before, during and after the event. The link can be found here.