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  • PEER 2 PEER marks its 100th event and is ready for more!


    TAIEX-REGIO PEER 2 PEER continues harvesting successes. We reached the 100th event milestone as the Hungarian delegation visited last week peers in Lithuania to exchange good practices in implementing financial instruments for energy efficiency. On this festive occasion, our sincerest...

    Reaching out to remote communities


    An ERDF-funded social inclusion project in Lithuania aims to integrate marginalised communities into public life. The ‘Family Valley’ initiative was launched on 1 May 2017 in one of the oldest Lithuanian cities, Kretinga, just east of the Baltic Sea and close to the Latvian border. The...

    European Solidarity Corps: Commission proposes more than €340 million to enable 100 000 placements by 2020


    Today, the Commission has put the European Solidarity Corps on a firm footing by securing a budget for the next three years, and by proposing a dedicated legal base. This will help consolidate the initiative and create more opportunities for young people. As well as offering volunteering,...

    7th Cohesion Forum


    The Seventh Cohesion Forum, which will take place on 26-27 June 2017 in Brussels, is a large scale political event held every three years, bringing together more than 700 people including high level representatives from European institutions, central governments, regional and local...

    Boost for business in France


    The Booster Paris-Saclay programme is located in the Saclay plateau —‘the European Silicon Valley’ — 20 kilometres south of Paris. It will benefit 60 small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the area. To participate, SMEs must have been operational for over three years,...

    Lace up your boots for some Baltic hiking


    The EU is funding a plan to create a hiking trail along the Latvian and Estonian coasts intended to sustainably bolster cross-border tourism in the Baltics. Plans for the 1100 km route are part of a cooperation programme between the two countries that is funded by the European Regional Development...

    State aid: Commission simplifies rules for public investment in ports and airports, culture and the outermost regions


    The European Commission approved on 17 May new state aid rules that exempt certain public support measures for ports, airports, culture and the outermost regions from prior Commission scrutiny. The objective is to facilitate public investment for job creation and growth whilst preserving...

    UK energy efficiency projects to cut heating costs


    The EU will help pay for energy efficiency infrastructure projects in Scotland, including one aimed at cutting heating costs for the poor. Scotland’s Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme, which receives support from the European Regional Development Fund, has awarded about EUR 50...

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