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  • Lace up your boots for some Baltic hiking


    The EU is funding a plan to create a hiking trail along the Latvian and Estonian coasts intended to sustainably bolster cross-border tourism in the Baltics. Plans for the 1100 km route are part of a cooperation programme between the two countries that is funded by the European Regional Development...

    State aid: Commission simplifies rules for public investment in ports and airports, culture and the outermost regions


    The European Commission approved on 17 May new state aid rules that exempt certain public support measures for ports, airports, culture and the outermost regions from prior Commission scrutiny. The objective is to facilitate public investment for job creation and growth whilst preserving...

    UK energy efficiency projects to cut heating costs


    The EU will help pay for energy efficiency infrastructure projects in Scotland, including one aimed at cutting heating costs for the poor. Scotland’s Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme, which receives support from the European Regional Development Fund, has awarded about EUR 50...

    Road upgrade to better interconnect Polish region


    EU funding is improving roads in the Polish province of Wielkopolska to handle increased traffic, eliminate bottlenecks and drive regional development. The European Regional Development Fund provide EUR 12.7 million of the EUR 17.9 million being spent on reconstruction and modernisation work, which...

    Reach potential investors : The European Investment Project Portal


    The European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) is a web portal enabling EU based project promoters – public or private – to reach potential investors worldwide. It is designed in response to investors’ desire to see more potential EU investment opportunitiesin one central...

    Boosting cross-border mobility in Eastern Europe


    Two cross-border projects in Poland and Slovakia aimed at boosting regional infrastructure and cross-border mobility have been granted nearly EUR 12 million. Support from the European Regional Development Fund is part of a cooperation programme that addresses challenges along the borders between the...

    Making traditional crafts cool again


    An EU-funded cross-border project is encouraging young people to think of traditional professions as a way into a secure job. The YouInHerit project aims to salvage trade and craft sectors at risk of becoming obsolete and prevent the loss of regional cultural heritage. A training meeting held in the...

    Better access to quality healthcare in Latvia


    One of the Latvian capital’s biggest hospitals has been allocated EUR 64 million to help it upgrade and provide better services to marginalised and at-risk members of society. The financing comes from the European Regional Development Fund and will help the Pauls Stradins Clinical University...

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