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  • TAIEX-REGIO PEER 2 PEER celebrates 2 years of successful exchanges of experience


    Two years ago, DG Regional and Urban Policy launched a new instrument for Member States called TAIEX-REGIO PEER 2 PEER. PEER 2 PEER is a simple-to-use tool designed to help Member States administrations meet more easily and share their experience on various topics related to the management of the...

    Join the IUC city-to-city cooperation programme


    European cities who wish to exchange with a city facing similar challenges in another global region are encouraged to apply for the International Urban Cooperation (IUC) city-to-city cooperation programme on sustainable urban development. The programme aims to foster links between EU cities and...

    REMINDER: deadline to submit your projects for the RegioStars Awards 2017: 10 April


    RegioStars Awards identify good practices in regional development and highlight original and innovative projects that are attractive and inspiring to other regions.  Think your project deserves to be known and rewarded? Then submit it! The Award Categories for 2017 are: 1) Smart Specialisation...

    60 years of Europe; 60 projects for you


    As a nod to the 60th anniversary of the signature of the Rome Treaty, we have created a gallery of 60 photos illustrating projects co-financed by the EU's main investment programme: EU Regional Policy. These projects help our economy but also and above all our citizens. Whether they are transport...

    EU invests in major growth-enabling infrastructure in Greece


    Over €1.3 billion of Cohesion Policy funds will be invested in ten broadband, transport and environmental projects in Greece. This €1.3 billion investment effort will allow major projects that started in the 2007-2013 financial period to be completed in the current 2014-2020 period, for...

    Corps Européen de Solidarité: à la veille du sommet de Rome, la première volontaire arrive sur le terrain


    L'Europe, qui célébrera samedi à Rome les 60 ans de ses traités fondateurs, s'emploie plus que jamais à préparer son avenir commun et celui de sa jeunesse. C'est dans ce contexte que l'UE a vu la première jeune volontaire du Corps Européen de...

    World Water Day : What does EU regional policy do for you?


    Water is the source of life and it is essential for agriculture, industry, tourism or energy, as for almost all economic sectors. The EU invests in the quality and the supply of water as well as the prevention of floods. It also supports water innovation in several regions. Thanks to the EU regional...

    A new dedicated interactive website for the Urban Agenda for the EU is launched!


    The website enables stakeholders to be informed on the Urban Agenda and it's Partnerships and to actively contribute and participate in discussions. You are invited to join this community so you can contribute and make your voice heard! Please register so you will be receiving a monthly newsletter...

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