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  • Faster ambulance service to support Romanian hospitals


    Six Romanian counties will benefit from an ERDF-funded project which is financing the purchase of 211 new ambulances. The aim is to ensure shorter waiting times for patients who need emergency care. Every second counts for patients finding themselves in an emergency health situation. In Romania...

    Cohesion Policy invests in modernisation and safety of railways in Bulgaria


    The EU is investing over €293 million from the Cohesion Fund in a more modern, faster and safer railway connection between the cities of Plovdiv and Burgas, linking some of Bulgaria's largest cities and one of the most important ports on the Black Sea. The investment is contributing to the...

    Euronews – training the European pilots of the future


    Don’t miss the second episode of the “Smart Regions” video series in partnership with Euronews tonight 15th November at 22h55 (GMT+1). This episode is dedicated to the Aviation Academy in Austria, a training centre for airline pilots as well as for jobs in the civil flying,...

    Solidarity restaurant hits the spot on the banks of La Garonne


    An ERDF-funded project in Bordeaux, France has financed the establishment of a boat-shaped solidarity restaurant called Le Jardin Pêcheur, where 90 % of employees are disabled. The aim of the project is to address two core challenges in terms of social inclusion: low levels of employment...

    Researchers develop moss-covered bio-reactive buildings in Portugal


    An ERDF-funded project in Coimbra, Portugal is supporting the development of a new type of bio-reactive mortar which is designed to capture carbon as well as reduce energy consumption. EU-funded researchers are developing a new innovative type of bio-reactive mortar which is conducive to moss...

    Breathing new life into Nowy Port in Gdansk, Poland


    The borough of Nowy Port in Gdansk is set to receive a new lease of life thanks to an ERDF-funded project which will revitalise local areas and community facilities. The ERDF-funded project will carry out a number of redevelopment activities across the region including, in particular, Nawodny...

    Bulgarian town of Petrich to benefit from new park plans


    An ERDF-funded project will oversee the development of a new park in Petrich designed to accommodate a range of cultural, recreational and sports activities. The project will fund the development of green areas, children’s playgrounds, sports grounds and more in the town’s new park which...

    Extending care services for the elderly to include their families


    In Slovenia, an ERDF-funded project is providing novel forms of elderly care to help, support and train their families both in gerontology centres and at home. The aim of the centre – which encompasses the entire ageing process, including social, psychological and biological aspects – is...

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