Regiostars 2015 - PICSA

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Regiostars 2015 - PICSA

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The Sustainable Construction Programme, in Andalusia, Spain, seeks through energy saving and renewable energy to promote the energy refurbishment of buildings, rehabilitate urban areas, improve the competitiveness of companies of the construction sector, create skilled employment and reduce energy poverty.
The Programme consists of three main actions:

  1. An incentive scheme of 116 million EUR and 48 possible actions to facilitate the energy refurbishment of existing buildings.
  2. Implementation of a financing line, specifically through revolving funds for companies.
  3. Creation of the “Sustainable Construction Roundtable” involving more than 70 experts from different disciplines.

Quantitatively, the outputs that have resulted from the incentive scheme include 24.562 actions (60.000 citizens, 600 neighbourhood communities and 2.500 companies), 170 million euros invested, and 7.663 collaborating companies. 80.000 new jobs are expected to be generated in the next 5 years.

The project has also achieved 26.000 toe/year of energy saved and/or diversified and 62.000 tons of CO2 avoided, created 14.000 direct jobs in the implementation and management of the actions, resulted in economic saving of more than 210 million euros in companies, citizens, neighbourhood communities and other entities.


Date: 13/10/2015

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Duration 01:35 minutes / mp4

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