IPA Environment Operational Programme in Turkey

The overall objective of the "Environment" programme is to improve environmental protection and living standards for the population of Turkey by supporting investments in the environment infrastructure sector. This involves, in particular, investments in water supply, sewerage and waste water treatment and integrated solid waste management.

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1. Priorities and Measures

The programme is implementing two operational priority axes and one technical assistance priority axis as follows:

Priority 1: Improved water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment services. This priority axis aims to develop environmental infrastructure in line with EU standards managed in an efficient and sustainable manner; to provide efficient and sustainable water and wastewater services to the population; to provide affordable water and wastewater services to the population; to improve environmental protection. The priority addresses the issue of the high level drinking water losses during transportation from water intakes to final consumer.

Priority 2: Improved integrated solid waste management. This priority aims to develop environmental infrastructure in line with EU standards managed in an efficient and sustainable manner. To provide efficient, affordable and sustainable solid waste management services to the population; to establish environmentally friendly integrated solid waste management models, including separate collection; to reduce the amount of waste disposed in uncontrolled landfill; to rehabilitate and close old dumpsites.

Priority 3: Technical Assistance. This priority axis aims to ensure a sound and efficient management and implementation of the programme, by improving the administrative capacity of the institutions concerned and supporting implementation, monitoring, evaluation, control and communication activities, as well as to prepare projects for current and subsequent programmes.

2. Financial Table

Priority IPA Contribution National co-financing Total funding Co-financing rate
(a) (b) (c) = (a) + (b) (d) = (a)/(c)
Priority 1 - Improved delivery of drinking water and wastewater services 280,141,600 49,436,753 329,578,353 85 %
Priority 2 - Improved integrated solid waste management 120,060,400 21,187,131 141,247,531 85 %
Priority 3 - Technical Assistance 16,498,000 2,911,414 19,409,414 85 %
Total (2007-2011) 416,700,000 73,535,298 490,235,298 85 %

3. Major Projects examples:

  • Ordu Wastewater Treatment Plant. Implementation of this project will improve the wastewater services and enhance the ecological status of the Black Sea which is at increasing risk of eutrophication and has been considered as a sensitive area (EU contribution: €19 million).
  • Ceyhan Wastewater and Stormwater. The purpose of this project is to establish a wastewater management system for the Municipality of Ceyhan to reduce the pollution loads to Ceyhan River and to meet the EU and Turkish quality standards. The other components of the project will support improvements in the stormwater and the wastewater system (EU contribution: €19 million).
  • Erdemli Water and Wastewater. IThis project will support improvements in drinking water distribution; extension of wastewater system and storm water collection, and construction of sea outfall. This will help in reducing the pollution loads to the Mediterranean Sea and meeting the EU and Turkish quality standards
    (EU contribution: € 11 million).
  • Manavgat Water and Wastewater. This project will support construction and improvements in drinking water distribution and wastewater collection systems, installation of monitoring equipment to improve the operation of the water production and distribution network in the Manavgat municipality (EU contribution: € 17,8 million).
  • Doğubayazit Drinking Water Supply. The project concerns the construction of the water treatment plant and transmission line from the intake to supply drinking water; the construction of additional reservoir, forced mains and pumping stations; the rehabilitation of reservoirs, network and house connections to reduce water losses; the rehabilitation of water intake site to reduce water losses and enhance reliability; the renewal of network to reduce water losses in the distribution network; and construction of new network inside the municipal boundaries (EU contribution: € 28 million).

4. Contact & Links

IPA Coordination and Implementation Center (Operating Structure and Contracting Authority for the Environment Operational Programme)

Ministry of Environment and Urbanization
Vekalatler Cad. No: 1 Bakanliklar
Ankara, Republic of Tukey