Operational programme “Regions in Growth”


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Programme description

Main objectives

The support under OPRG 2014-2020 directly engages in tackling territorial imbalances in the country, aiming at complementary effects for achieving regional and urban development policy's objectives of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Funding priorities

39 urban centres (Level I, II and III cities) of Bulgaria are the main target group of the Programme. The latter will focus on several main priorities:

  • Sustainable urban development
  • Energy efficiency measures in public and residential buildings
  • Roads and integrated urban transport
  • Regional health, social and educational infrastructure
  • Regional tourism

Expected results/impacts

  • Improved quality of life and developed urban environment in medium and large cities in Bulgaria through balanced territorial development of 39 urban centres;
  • Supported public bodies and private enterprises through grants and financial instruments for urban development, energy efficiency, tourism and cultural heritage;
  • Developed ecological, multi-model, as well as sustainable urban transport in centres of growth, reduced seasonability of Bulgarian tourism;
  • Incerease in population covered by improved health, social, cultural and sport infrastructure;
  • Increase in share of modernized educational facilities;
  • Increase in share of social infrastructure for the on-going de-institunalisation process in Bulgaria for children and elderly;
  • Enhanced regional mobility through connectivity to TEN-T nodes;


  • Bulgaria


  • Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 1,311,704,793.00 €

Thematic priorities

  • TA - Technical Assistance
  • TO10 - Education and training
  • TO4 - Low-carbon economy
  • TO6 - Environment and resource efficiency
  • TO7 - Transport and energy networks
  • TO9 - Social inclusion

Financial information

Total OP budget: 1,543,182,113.00 €

Total EU contribution: 1,311,704,793.00 €

CCI number: 2014BG16RFOP001