Operational Programme 'Transport infrastructure of the Federal Republic of Germany'

For the 2007-2013 programming period of the European Regional Development Fund ('Convergence' objective)


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On 7 December 2007, the European Commission approved the ERDF Federal Transport Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period. This programme involves Community support for the regions of the Federal Republic of Germany under the "Convergence" objective. The programme's total budget is around €2.33 billion and the Community contribution through the ERDF amounts to around €1.52 billion. This represents approximately 5.8% of the total EU funding allocated to Germany under the cohesion policy for 2007-2013.

1. Purpose and aim of the programme

The primary goal of the programme is the improvement of supraregional transport infrastructure as a factor for sustainable regional development. The ERDF programme is to co-finance the further development and improvement of the Trans-European Transport Network and other major supraregional transport connections, better links to important business locations, the strengthening of gateway functions and a shift to more environmentally friendly modes of transport, along with improvements in efficiency.

2. Expected impact of the investments

The programme aims to achieve, among other things:

  • the new construction, extension and modernisation of 80 km of Trans-European Network (TEN) railway lines;
  • the new construction and extension of 115 km of motorways;
  • the new construction and extension of 75 km of federal roads;
  • the extension of 3 km of TEN waterways and railway transport management and logistics;
  • support for highways and waterways.

3. Priorities:

In order to achieve the main objectives as set out under point 4, the ERDF Federal Transport Operational Programme 2007-2013 has been divided into the following priorities:

Priority 1: Improving the railway infrastructure of federal railway routes and connections to other modes of transport [approx. 47% of total ERDF funding]

The ERDF support is to be focused on the following areas:

  • new construction of high-speed lines;
  • further development of port hinterland connections;
  • extension and modernisation of other conventional TEN lines;
  • railway infrastructure for conurbation traffic;
  • optimisation of network nodes and redevelopment of railway infrastructures and transport management and logistics chains.

In comparison to the transport infrastructure OP 2000–2006, this priority's share of ERDF funding is set to increase from 40.9% to 47%, even though less funding is available for the OP 2007-2013 than was available for the OP 2000-2006 (€1.52 billion compared with €1.66 billion).

Priority 2: Infrastructure investments and transport management for federal trunk roads [approx. 46% of total ERDF funding]

This priority is structured in such a way as to allow a broad approach to potentially suitable types of project, thereby allowing support to be provided for the new construction and extension of motorways, the new construction and expansion of effective connections in border regions, the new construction of feeder roads, the extension of transregional stretches of road through bypasses, and traffic management and control.

Priority 3: Elimination of bottlenecks in federal waterways [approx. 6% of total ERDF funding]

The transport OP takes up the strategic approach of the Integrated European Action Programme for Inland Waterways Transport – NAIADES, particularly with regard to the elimination of bottlenecks in the European inland waterways network, taking account of the joint agreements with neighbouring countries. Under this priority, support is to be provided for the elimination of bottlenecks at locks and freight lifts, the expansion of federal waterways and traffic management and information systems. In comparison to the transport infrastructure OP 2000–2006, this priority's share of ERDF funding is set to increase from 0.5% to 6%.

Priority 4: Technical assistance [approx. 1% of total ERDF funding]

Funds are also earmarked for technical assistance for implementing the programme. Preparation, administration, support, assessment, information and monitoring measures amounting to around €15 million will be supported.

Financial and Technical information

Operational Programme 'Transport infrastructure of the Federal Republic of Germany'

Intervention Type

Operational Programme

CCI no


Number of decision


Final approval date


Breakdown of finances by priority axis

Priority Axis EU Investment National Public Contribution Total Public Contribution
Federal railway routes 714 550 200 384 757 800 1 099 308 000
Federal trunk roads 699 347 350 376 571 650 1 075 919 000
Federal waterways 91 219 050 49 117 950 140 337 000
Technical assistance 15 203 039 0 15 203 039
Total 1 520 319 639 810 447 400 2 330 767 039