Publication of Calls for Proposals - DG REGIO

This website provides information about European Commission calls for proposals in the area of Cohesion Policy.

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Those interested should consult the site and published documents regularly

List of beneficiaries 2005-2006

List of calls for Proposals

NO 2017 CE 16B AT 063

Call for proposals - Support for information measures relating to the EU Cohesion policy

Call for proposals pdf

Application form monobeneficary / multibeneficary

Budget Annex monobeneficary (update: 03/10) / multibeneficary (update: 03/10)

Declaration on honour doc

Guidelines for applicants pdf

Model grant agreement pdf monobeneficary - multibeneficary

Questions and Answers: 1 pdf - 2 pdf - 3 pdf - 4 pdf - 5 pdf - 6 Corrigendum 06/10 (page 4) pdf - 7 pdf - 8 pdf - 9 pdf - 10 pdf

Timetable : Due to the large number of proposals received, we have to revise the indicative timetable as follows :

  • Deadline for submitting applications: 16 October 2017
  • Evaluation period (indicative): November - December 2017
  • Information to applicants (indicative): February 2018
  • Signature of grant agreements (indicative): March-April 2018

NO 2015 CE 16 BGT 001

Call for proposals - Multi-region assistance for the assessment of the potential use of financial instruments supported by the ERDF, CF, ESF and EAFRD in accordance with Title IV of Regulation (EU) 1303/2013

Call for proposals pdf

Application form pdf -

Budget form pdf - Annexe

Model grant agreement pdf - Annexe: template reportspdf

Q&A – Guide for Applicants pdf

Summary of the call for proposals pdf

Information session on 26 May 2015
In order to inform potential beneficiaries and stimulate their application, an information session took place in Brussels on 26 May 2015. Follow up: presentation pdf and audio recordings: I (mp3) and II (mp3).

Questions and Answers (Updated on 14 July 2015)

NO 2009 CE 160 AT 085

Call for proposals - European Commission - DG Regional Policy Pilot Project 'Pan-European Coordination of Roma Integration Methods' - Roma inclusion

List of selected projects pdf en

Call for proposals pdf

Guide for applicants

Questions and Answers


  1. Grant application form
  2. Draft Grant agreement
  3. Draft Estimated Budget form
  4. Financial identification form
  5. Legal entity form
  6. Check-list for Applicants
  7. Model Interim report
  8. Model Final report