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Operational Programme 'Friuli Venezia Giulia'

Programme under the European Regional Competitiveness and Employment Objective, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

On 20 November 2007, the European Commission approved a Regional Operational Programme for Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy for the period 2007-13. The Operational Programme falls within the framework laid out for the Regional Competitiveness and Employment Objective and has a total budget of around €303 million. Community funding through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) amounts to some €74 million, which represents approximately 0.3% of the total EU investment earmarked for Italy under the Cohesion Policy for 2007-13.

1. Purpose and aim of the programme


The overall aim of the Programme is to improve the general quality of life of the region’s inhabitants by boosting competitiveness and supporting sustainable development.

The programme includes many of the European Union’s Lisbon strategy priorities: improving the region’s research and innovation performance will be a key focus, as will reducing carbon emissions by promoting renewable energy. The Programme also aims to make the region a more attractive place by fostering environmental sustainability.

2. Expected impact of the investment

The Programme aims to create about 500 new jobs – 50% of which should be for women – and produce a 5% increase in small and medium sized enterprise (SME) labour productivity. It also seeks to help the region cut its equivalent emissions of CO2 from industry by about 8%, from 2.74 million to 2.52 million tonnes.

3. Priorities

The Programme is structured around the following priorities:

Priority 1: Innovation, research, technology transfer and entrepreneurship [approximately 45.5% of total budget]

The aim of this priority is to give effect to the renewed Lisbon strategy. In particular, it aims to create a long-lasting competitive advantage by supporting companies that have a low ability to innovate. The Programme will help them to incorporate new ideas and methods into their products and business models.

The programme’s efforts to increase SME performance, disseminate technical knowledge and intensify research activity should help to improve the region’s overall competitiveness and attractiveness.

Priority 2: Environmental sustainability [approximately 11.5% of total budget]

This priority promotes the enhancement and protection of natural and cultural heritage, identifying the region as a potential area for sustainable tourism. The Programme will also develop a risk prevention initiative, fund land reclamation and support the restoration of brownfield sites of national interest.

Priority 3: Accessibility [approximately 13.2% of total budget]

The aim here is to improve the overall efficiency of the transport system for goods and people by transferring journey quotas from roads to alternative sustainable modes. With reference to the enterprise system, this priority will contribute to the upgrading of information society infrastructure in order to increase the use of IT and telecommunications.

Priority 4: Territorial development [approximately 13.2% of total budget]

This priority will be implemented through the development of plans which focus on two key areas: environmental and cultural heritage; and urban rehabilitation and development.

Priority 5: Energy, eco-sustainability and efficiency for the productive system [approximately 12.6% of total budget]

The Programme will promote greater efficiency in the use of energy resources at all levels of the energy chain. It also aims to boost energy production from renewable sources (from both the supply and demand side) and improve energy efficiency.

Priority 6: Technical assistance [approximately 4% of total budget]

Technical assistance is available to help implement the Programme. Financial support can cover administration, monitoring, evaluation and control.

4. Managing Authority

Direzione Centrale Relazioni Internazionali
Servizio Politiche Comunitarie
Via Udine, 9
I-34132 Trieste
Francesco, Forte
Tel.: +39 (040) 377 59 28
Fax.: +39 (040) 377 59 43

Financial and Technical information

Title : Operational Programme 'Friuli Venezia Giulia'

Intervention Type : Operational Programme

CCI no : 2007IT162PO003

Number of decision : C/2007/5717

Final approval date : 2007-11-20

Breakdown of finances by priority axis
Priority Axis EU Investment National Public Contribution Total Public Contribution
Innovation, research, technology transfer and entrepreneurship 33 810 000 104 190 000 138 000 000
Environmental sustainability 8 538 250 26 311 750 34 850 000
Accessibility 9 800 000 30 200 000 40 000 000
Territorial development 9 800 000 30 200 000 40 000 000
Energy eco-sustainability and efficiency for the productive system 9 317 661 28 317 608 38 031 269
Technical assistance 2 803 763 9 316 291 12 120 054
Total 74 069 674 228 535 649 303 001 323
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