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Beneficiaries of European Union Cohesion Policy

Cross-border co-operation

All direct beneficiaries of European Cohesion policy have to be published by the Managing Authorities under the rules governing the implementation of the funds 2007-2013 (EC No 1828/2006). The information must contain the name of the beneficiary, the names of the operations and the amount of public funding allocated to the operations. This map provides direct links to the lists of beneficiaries of the European Regional Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund. The websites with lists of beneficiaries are prepared by the respective Member State. This information is also available for cross-border co-operation programmes involving IPA countries. Please note that the information below is 'Work in Progress' and subject to ongoing updates based on information that the Commission receives from the Member States.
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Map Ireland Portugal Portugal United Kingdom France France Česká Republika Österreich Eesti Sverige Latvija Lietuva Polska Deutschland Italia România Danmark España Ellada Nederland Magyarország Malta Bãlgarija Suomi Slovensko Italia Slovenija Belgique/België Kypros Luxemburg
  • Lists of the ERDF beneficiaries published
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