Open Days 2011

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Live Date Time Code Title Location Languages
10/10/2011[15:00-18:00]10E01Opening Session of the OPEN DAYS 2011EUPARL - Hémicycle OR + FR/DE/EN/IT/ES/NL
11/10/2011 [15:00-21:00]CoR Plenary Session CHAR-GASP OR + FR/DE/EN
11/10/2011[9:00-10:45]11UNIV01Evaluating regional development initiatives: An EU-Australian comparisonCHAR-MANS OR + FR/DE/EN
11/10/2011[11:15-13:00]11A13Financial instruments enhancing access to RDI (Research Development and Innovation) for companies to achieve Europe 2020 Flagship InititiativesCHAR-MANS OR + FR/DE/EN
11/10/2011[14:30-17:00]11UNIV06Smart Specialisation and EU Cohesion: Theory, empirics and policyCHAR-MANS OR + FR/DE/EN
11/10/2011[14:30-17:00]11UNIV05Mono-sectoral citiesCHAR-JENK OR + FR/DE/EN/RU
11/10/2011[9:00-10:45]11C02How to capture the effects of EU funding? Bringing together qualitative and quantitative methodsCCAB-0A OR + FR/DE/EN
11/10/2011[11:15-13:00]11A12How to incubate service innovation through structural fundsCCAB-0A OR + FR/DE/EN
11/10/2011[14:30-17:00]11C08The future of cohesion policy: Incentives and conditionalitiesCCAB-0A OR + FR/DE/EN
11/10/2011[9:00-10:45]11A05Urban Europe: Towards an urban dimension of future cohesion policyCCAB-0D OR + FR/DE/EN
11/10/2011[11:15-13:00]11A11Developing strategies for youth employment at the regional/local levelCCAB-0D OR + FR/DE/EN
11/10/2011[14:30-17:00]11A22Cultural and creative industries: Innovation and smart specialisation strategiesCCAB-0D OR + FR/DE/EN
11/10/2011[9:00-10:45]11C01Communicating regional policy today and after 2013CCAB-1A OR + FR/DE/EN
11/10/2011[11:15-13:00]11C05Added value and efficiency through the use of article 37.6(b) and the EGTCCCAB-1A OR + FR/DE/EN/IT
11/10/2011[14:30-17:00]11C09Micro-credit, a tool to develop growth and entrepreneurship in the EUCCAB-1A OR + FR/DE/EN
12/10/2011 [8:30-14:00]CoR Plenary Session CHAR-GASP OR + FR/DE/EN
12/10/2011[9:00-10:45]12UNIV04Towards a European Union of smart cities and regions: Planning territorial strategiesCHAR-MANS OR + FR/DE/EN
12/10/2011[11:15-13:00]12UNIV08Beyond the capitals: Prospects for middle-sized cities in EuropeCHAR-MANS OR + FR/DE/EN
12/10/2011[14:30-17:00]12UNIV10Regional resilienceCHAR-MANS OR + FR/DE/EN
12/10/2011[9:00-10:45]12UNIV07Regional Challenges 2020CHAR-JENK OR + FR/DE/EN
12/10/2011[11:15-13:00]12UNIV09Outcome indicators and targets: Towards performance oriented policyCHAR-JENK OR + FR/DE/EN
12/10/2011[14:30-17:00]12UNIV11Shaping EU cities in a changing environment: Strengthening urban quality in strategies for growth and shrinkageCHAR-JENK OR + FR/DE/EN
12/10/2011[9:00-10:45]12B14Cooperation boosting the success of macro-regional strategiesCCAB-0A OR + FR/DE/EN
12/10/2011[11:15-13:00]12B19Territorial programming in cohesion policy: What does territorial cohesion mean in practice?CCAB-0A OR + FR/DE/EN
12/10/2011[14:30-17:00]12A51Smart Specialisation Strategies For Regional GrowthCCAB-0A OR + FR/DE/EN/UK
12/10/2011[9:00-10:45]12A31Urban networks for better integration and greater social cohesionCCAB-0D OR + FR/DE/EN/UK
12/10/2011[11:15-13:00]12B2013 programmes - 1 goal: To improve quality of life through transnational cooperation!CCAB-0D OR + FR/DE/EN/PL
12/10/2011[9:00-10:45]12C10EC guidance to models of investment for high speed broadbandCCAB-1A OR + FR/DE/EN
12/10/2011[11:15-13:00]12C12Beyond environmental compliance: Delivering a sustainable EuropeCCAB-1A OR + FR/DE/EN
13/10/2011[9:30-12:00]13E02Delivering Europe 2020CHAR-GASP OR + FR/DE/EN
13/10/2011[9:00-13:00]13B28VI EU-China Seminar on regional policy co-operationCHAR-DURI OR + FR/DE/EN/ZH