Open Days 2011

Participants’ Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the on-line registration start?

06 July 2011

2. When does the on-line registration end?

28 September 2011

3. Who can participate?

Local and regional politicians, EU-regional policy specialists, representatives from local and regional authorities, journalists, academics, civil servants, etc.

4. Are there conference costs?

There is no conference fee. Participants have to cover their own travel/hotel etc. costs.

5. Where can I find the programme?

There is no printed programme for the OPEN DAYS 2011. The programme can be found online via the registration website once registration has started. Until then, the preliminary programme can be found here PDF.

6. Can a regional office still participate?

It is still possible to organise side-events, which will be mentioned on the OD website. However invitations and accreditation has to be done by the organising office as it will not go through the OD registration system.

7. How can I organise a side-event?

Get in touch with the OPEN DAYS team:

8. Where are the Local Events?

More than 250 local events are planned to take place between September and November 2011 in 35 countries from Europe and beyond. For more information, please check the Local events section on the OPEN DAYS website.
An interactive map showing all the local events will be uploaded on the website towards mid-August.

9. Can I register for the Official reception?

The official reception is on invitation only. Partner regions and cities receive a quota of invitations and they communicate their guests to the OPEN DAYS team.

10. When and where do I receive my badge?

Each OPEN DAYS 2011 participant will receive a badge for identification and registration purposes. Badges will be handed out in the OPEN DAYS Tent outside the DG Regional Policy Building (Avenue de Tervueren 41) by the  Merode metro station and at the Committee of the Regions Jacques Delors building (Rue Belliard 101), as of Monday 10 October 08:00.  When you have registered on-line you will receive a registration confirmation with a bar-code via e-mail, which you'll have to print and bring with you in order to have your badge printed out on-site.

11. Where can I find an overview of the events I am registered to?

To check your requests for participation and their status, please go to the ’registration’ website, at the top of the page, or scroll down and click on 'my requests'. You have to enter your email address and an overview will be sent to you thereafter.

12. How to cancel registration(s)?

Please send a mail to the Conference Secretariat ( or call +33 1 43 67 99 44.

13. How can I find accommodation in Brussels?

Resotel is pleased to assist you in your search for suitable accommodation during OPEN DAYS 2011.
Resotel proposes a wide selection of more than 70 hotels, across different categories and at different prices, all over Brussels. You will find detailed descriptions, as well as photos and map locations in their electronic booking form:

14. Where can I find the seminar venue(s)?

As you will be aware of, the OPEN DAYS seminars are held in more than 30 different venues in the European quarter in Brussels. You will find them all on the map of venues to be found in the OPEN DAYS magazine.

15. How to get there?

The Brussels metro will take you to the two most frequently used venues, the Committee of the Regions (metro stop ’Maalbeek/Maelbeek’) and the European Commission’s Centre Borschette (metro stop ’Schuman’). It’s a 5-minute walk to both venues from those stops. For a detailed plan of all public transport connections, go to:

16. What is the basis for admission to?

  • The Opening Session in the European Parliament on 4 October (15:00): registration possible via the 'registration' website (max. 700 seats)
  • The Official Reception on 11 October: upon invitation only. Regional partnerships receive a quota of invitations.

17. Where can I get copies of the posters/magazine?

The magazine can be downloaded from the website in 3 languages. The poster can also be downloaded from the website and hard copies are available in the Committee of the Regions building. For further information contact the OPEN DAYS team:

18. Where can I find the speakers’ presentations and contributions?

All presentations and contributions will be posted on the OPEN DAYS website. Please note, that no paper copies of these will be distributed during the seminars.

19. Can I receive a certificate for my participation in the OPEN DAYS?

Confirmations of your participation sent by email or post will remain the only ’certificates’ handed out.
Please note that due to the number of venues and organisers, no further documents will be distributed. Furthermore, no Visa requests can be supported.

20. Where can I send my feed-back, ideas or comments to?

Immediately after the OPEN DAYS, all participants, speakers and event partners will be invited to contribute to an online evaluation, which will be published in December. In the meantime all queries should be sent to