Open Days 2010


Europe 2020: Competitiveness, co-operation and cohesion for all regions

The 8th OPEN DAYS will be held between 4 and 7 October 2010, a period during which the debate on the European Union's '2020' agenda, its policies and future budget, will be in full swing.

Regions and cities will play a major role in the discussions on 'EU2020' agenda, on the budget review, and on the future of EU cohesion policy post-2013. The OPEN DAYS are an ideal framework for them to showcase good practice in the field of strengthening regional competitiveness, territorial co-operation and social and economic cohesion, to share experiences with others and to impact on the political debates among EU institutions and Member States.

In 2010, the OPEN DAYS will concentrate on 'competitiveness, co-operation and cohesion':


Seminars on 'competitiveness' will focus on innovation, regional development and green economic growth, and on results achieved by regions supported by the 'regional competitiveness and employment objective'.


Under this theme debates on territorial and cross-border co-operation, the European Grouping on Territorial Cooperation (EGTC), and 'macro regions' will highlight latest developments and enhance exchange among practitioners.


Seminars and workshops grouped under the theme of 'cohesion' will elaborate on 'territorial' and 'social' cohesion and on the question of how to better integrate different policies at the local level.