Open Days 2010

Archived Webstreamings

Archived webstreamings are available until OPEN DAYS 2011.

Date Time Code Title Location Interpretation
4/10/2010[15:00-17:00]04E01OPEN DAYS 2010 Opening Session - Europe 2020: Competitiveness, cooperation and cohesion for all regionsEUPARL - HemicycleOR
5/10/2010[09:00-10:45]05A08Innovation and creativity in your region : better use of talent for competitiveness and job creationCCAB - AB 0AOR-EN-FR-DE-ES
5/10/2010[09:00-10:45]05B02Workshop on cross border infrastructuresCCAB - AB 0DOR-EN-FR-DE-RU-ES
5/10/2010[09:00-10:45]05A04Building synergies from research and development to deploymentCCAB - AB 1AOR-EN-FR-DE-ES
5/10/2010[09:00-10:45]05UNIV01Urban dynamics: Migration and social mobility CHAR - MANSOR-EN-FR-DE
5/10/2010[09:00-10:45]05UNIV02Quality of government at the national, regional and local level CHAR - JENKOR-EN-FR-DE
5/10/2010[11:15-13:00]05B05Cooperation: The benefits of cooperating across internal and external borders (ESPON 2013)CCAB - AB 0AOR-EN-FR-DE
5/10/2010[11:15-13:00]05A22Frontrunners in innovation and sustainable growth: cluster organisations in European regionsCCAB - AB 0DOR-EN-FR-DE-ES
5/10/2010[11:15-13:00]05A16Putting eco-innovation at the heart of regional economic growth CCAB - AB 1AOR-EN-FR-DE-ES
5/10/2010[11:15-13:00]05B04Challenges facing mono-sector citiesCCAB - AB 1DOR-EN-FR-DE-RU
5/10/2010[11:15-13:00]05UNIV03Positioning for competitiveness: the role of regional universities in promoting economic growthCHAR - MANSOR-EN-FR-DE
5/10/2010[11:15-13:00]05UNIV04Introducing multilevel governance in the European Research AreaCHAR - JENKOR-EN-FR-DE
5/10/2010[12:30-13:00]PRESSPress panel - EU Strategy for the Danube RegionBERL - SCHUOR-EN-FR-DE-SK-BG-HU
5/10/2010[13:00-13:30]PRESSInterview opportunities on the EU Strategy for the Danube RegionBERL - SCHUOR
5/10/2010[14:30-17:00]05C08Strategic sustainable spatial planning assessment: Towards territorial cohesion?CCAB - AB 0AOR-EN-FR-DE
5/10/2010[14:30-17:00]05B09Using the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation for interregional cooperation: inside and outside the European territorial cooperation objective (and outside cohesion policy)CCAB - AB 0DOR-EN-FR-DE-ES
5/10/2010[14:30-17:00]05A35Intelligent Energy Europe' – Boosting regional competitiveness through sustainable energy CCAB - AB 1AOR-EN-FR-DE
5/10/2010[14:30-17:00]05B08EU-Ukraine regional policy cooperationCCAB - AB 1DOR-EN-FR-DE-RU
5/10/2010[14:30-17:00]05UNIV05Regional economic development from a comparative perspective - views from outside the EUCHAR - MANSOR-EN-FR-DE
5/10/2010[14:30-17:00]05UNIV06Spatially Blind or Spatially Targeted Policy - The challenge to achieve desirable social, economic and environmental outcomes?CHAR - JENKOR-EN-FR-DE
6/10/2010[09:00-10:45]06B15ESPON provides regions with targeted analysis CCAB - AB 0AOR-EN-FR-DE
6/10/2010[09:00-12:00]06B18EU-Brazil regional policy cooperationCCAB - AB 1AOR-EN-FR-DE-ES-PT-IT
6/10/2010[09:00-10:45]06B13Managing diversity in EU regions and citiesCCAB - AB 1DOR-EN-FR-DE-SV
6/10/2010[09:00-10:45]06UNIV07What to do in a crisis ?CHAR - MANSOR-EN-FR-DE
6/10/2010[09:00-10:45]06UNIV07What to do in a crisis ? Listening room from MANSCHAR - JENKOR
6/10/2010[11:15-13:00]06B28Cross border co-operation on Europe's external borders, the Neighbourhood and the Eastern Partnership CCAB - AB 0AOR-EN-FR-DE-RU
6/10/2010[11:15-13:00]06B29Making Europe easy for citizens and businesses - Practical tools for local and regional authoritiesCCAB - AB 1DOR-EN-FR-DE
6/10/2010[11:15-13:00]06UNIV10Re-thinking Leadership for 21st century European Cities and RegionsCHAR - MANSOR-EN-FR-DE
6/10/2010[11:15-13:00]06UNIV08Territorial Strategies towards Social Inclusion: a first comparative analysisCHAR - JENKOR-EN-FR-DE
6/10/2010[12:30-13:00]PRESSPress panel - Cohesion policy uniting divided communities: the experience of footballBERL - SCHUOR-EN-FR-DE-EL-RO
6/10/2010[13:00-13:30]PRESSInterview opportunitiesBERL - SCHUOR
6/10/2010[14:30-17:00]06C17The Future of European Cohesion Policy post-2013 CCAB - AB 0AOR-EN-FR-DE
6/10/2010[14:30-17:00]06B42Cross-border cooperation and regional innovation systems in Latin America: Contribution to the regional integration processCCAB - AB 1AOR-EN-FR-DE-ES-PT
6/10/2010[14:30-17:00]06UNIV11Competitiveness from a national, regional and urban perspectiveCHAR - MANSOR-EN-FR-DE
6/10/2010[14:30-17:00]06UNIV12Territorial Cohesion - What will it mean in the regions?CHAR - JENKOR-EN-FR-DE
6/10/2010[16:00-18:30]06E03Special Plenary - Promoting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth: A challenge for all Europe's regionsCHAR - GASPOR-EN-FR-DE
7/10/2010[09:00-10:45]07C21European cohesion policy and Roma Inclusion - New initiativesCCAB - AB 0AOR-EN-FR-DE-HU-SK
7/10/2010[09:00-10:45]07C20Challenges to social cohesion in cities and social innovation responsesCCAB - AB 1AOR-EN-FR-DE
7/10/2010[09:00-12:00]07UNIV13Special Panel - EU budget reform post 2013 - Should better-off regions receive cohesion policy funding ?CHAR - GASPOR-EN-FR-DE
7/10/2010[11:15-13:00]07C26Ageing and persons with disabilities – Turning the challenge into opportunities through regional innovation with ICT and accessibility measures CCAB - AB 0AOR-EN-FR-DE-ES