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A new element of OPEN DAYS 2009 was 'The University'. A series of lectures and moderated panels with renowned academics and researchers were organised by the Commission's Regional Policy DG and the Committee of the Regions on the basis of suggestions put forward by all participating regions and partners. There was no official call for papers for this part of the OPEN DAYS.

A selected number of academics/researchers were invited to hold a number of joint lectures and seminars on the four themes of OPEN DAYS (cohesion policy, territorial cooperation, innovation and climate change).

For more information on OPEN DAYS 2010 (4-7 October 2010) and the 'University' component, please contact Elisa Roller in DG REGIO.


UNIV 06A06 Restoring growth through innovation
GREGERSEN Preben Growth through Innovation

UNIV 06A18 - Innovation and the role of the public sector
WERESA Marzenna Anna The linkages between public research organisations and business sector
MARTIN Lynn Innovation and the public sector
SINGER Slavica Triple Helix - social innovation: is Croatia ready for it?

UNIV 06A19 - Secondary cities and economic growth?
PARKINSON Michael Performance, Policies & Prospects
FOTH Rolf-Barnim The Regional Perspectives of Hamburg
VAN DEN BERG Leo The position of secondary cities in a dynamic society
SCHMIDT-SøRENSEN Jan Beyer Second cities and economic growth

UNIV 06B05 - Regional responses to climate change
MILLAN Millan The two Hydrological Cycles in Europe
Jirina Jilkova : Regional responses to climate change ppt
Nikitas Nikitakos : Ydriada Floating autonomous ecological desalination unit ppt
Eberhard Jochem : Regional responses of energy use and generation to climate change in European countries - adaptation and mitigation ppt
J.P. Kropp Regional responses to climate change ppt

UNIV 07A15 - Regional responses to the global economic crisis
DUNFORD Mick Models of development, the financial crisis and global growth
MCCANN Philip Global Challenges to European Regions
BIANCHI Patrizio Regional responses to the global economic crisis

UNIV 07A22 - Does geography matter?
HUDSON Ray Does geography matter?

UNIV 07A28 - Understanding and promoting territorial cohesion: Addressing the challenges of the Green Paper
FALUDI Andreas From Implicit to Explicit Territorial Cohesion Policy
DUHR Stefanie Transnational cooperation and territorial cohesion
DABINETT Gordon Strategic Spatial Planning and the Promotion of Territorial Cohesion
DAVOUDI Simin Why Territorial Cohesion Matters?

UNIV 07D07 Multilevel Governance in the EU: New prospects for a European Union with its regions and cities
BAUER Michael W. Governance Preferences of Subnational Administrative Elites in the EU Multilevel System
VANHERCKE Bart Prospects for Regions and Cities in the Lisbon Strategy (OMC)
BENASSI Andrea Multilevel governance, a case study









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