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How to register

Participation in the OPEN DAYS is free of charge.
For registration and a full description of all seminars, please go to this website (registration is closed).


Selecting workshops and seminars

Each seminar and workshop has a code according to its date, the letter of one of the four thematic topics, and a chronological number. For example, the seminar code ‘08A02’ signifies: Wednesday 8 October, thematic topic ‘A’ of the programme (Innovating regions: Promoting research, technological development and innovation), and is the 2nd seminar (out of the total number of seminars on the theme).

The website provides an on-line search tool in order to find a seminar or workshop by specific topic. The search can be carried out by using keywords, themes, speakers’ names, programme codes or dates. If one or several seminars of interest are found, select them by clicking the appropriate box. The registration system will then ask for the personal data (name, organisational affi liation, e-mail, etc.) of the potential participant. Once completed and submitted, the request to attend the selected workshops will automatically be sent to the organisers of the chosen workshops. Please note that group registrations are not possible.

Registration process

First step:
Once the request for attendance has been received, the on-line registration system will automatically send an e-mail confi rming that the request for attendance is being processed. This automatic message is not a confirmation of participation.

Second step:
Within two weeks following the request(s) for attendance, and depending on the number of seats available, participants will know whether they can attend the workshop selected or not. They will be notifi ed by a confi rmation – or rejection – e-mail for each attendance request. Attendance at the workshop is confi rmed by e-mail only if the request for attendance has been accepted.
If you wish to check the status of your diff erent requests being processed, the registration system provides the possibility to do so under the ‘My requests’ button available on the Registration webpage.

Third step:
All participants whose participation will be confi rmed by Friday 12 September 2008 will be sent the listing of the workshops they have been accepted for, as well as their badge, by post. The participants registering after this deadline will receive a final confirmation e-mail listing the workshops they have been accepted for but will have to collect their badge on-site.
Participants are requested to print this fi nal confi rmation e-mail, proving that they have been accepted for the workshop.

Opening and Closing sessions
Attendance at the Opening and Closing sessions on 6 and 9 October, as well as the Official Reception on 8 October and other social events, is by invitation only. For more details on the Openning Session, go to this page, and for the Closing Session, to this page.

More information
For more information, please contact the OPEN DAYS 2008
Conference Secretariat:
Tel: +33 (0)1 43 67 99 44
Fax: + 33 (0)1 43 67 87 00

Contact for participants and general requests:
Fiona Andria

InfoPoint ‘Jacques Delors‘ – OPEN DAYS
and Investors’ Café
Committee of the Regions, Rue Belliard 101, Brussels.
InfoPoint ‘Centre Borschette’ – OPEN DAYS
European Commission, Rue Froissart 36, Brussels.

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