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Press and Media

EuroNewsJournalists from written and audiovisual media are welcome to participate in all events during OPEN DAYS 2008. In the Committee of the Regions, there will be working facilities for journalists in the press centre during the event, including audiovisual equipment, and a special "Media Day" on 8 October will provide for journalists from regional media the opportunity to learn more about the event including a press conference with Commissioner Danuta Hübner and Luc Van den Brande, the President of the Committee of the Regions. Registration is possible through the Conference Secretariat.

The OPEN DAYS 2008 Press Book including a media coverage analysis and clippings can be found here.

Press releases on the OPEN DAYS 2008 are available here.

The contents of the OPEN DAYS Media Pack can be downloaded here:

General requests/Conference Secretariat dedicated for Journalists:
Ms Sandy Letailleur

Media Day/Conference Secretariat:
Ms Ana Aguilar / Ms Chloé Lahousse
Tel: + 32 (0)2 533 95 45

OPEN DAYS 2008 media partners

euronews, the principal media partner of the OPEN DAYS

Launched in January 1993 euronews covers world aff airs from a European perspective. euronews is broadcast 24 hours a day, simultaneously in eight languages. The channel is broadcast all over the world, reaching 200 million households in 130 countries by cable, digital satellite and terrestrial distribution. euronews is the most-watched international news channel in Europe: every day, 3.2 million Europeans watch euronews on cable and satellite, while another 3.1 million watch on terrestrial channels.
New Europe – the European weekly, published since 1993, is a unique product carrying news and analyses from 49 countries with a particular emphasis on the EU institutions and EU-World relations. Its print edition is distributed to 66,000 readers in Europe and beyond. In addition New Europe’s news portal has approximately 190,000 visitors per month.
Providing an authoritative forum to examine the impact of EU investment in the regions, The Parliament Magazine’s Regional Review gives EU institutions and decision makers the opportunity to read about best practice and innovation in regional policy. Published five times a year, including the October OPEN DAYS special edition, Regional Review is written by and for decision makers in the EU institutions.

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